Here We Go Again

We are approaching yet another change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time, something I always hate. The downsides to the time changes in mid-fall and late winter far outweigh the upsides. One of the biggest downsides is the increased number of traffic accidents and medical emergencies that take place for the week or so after the change.

I have always disliked going back to Standard Time, seeing the sun setting here around 3:30PM by the time Christmas rolls around. I would rather have that extra hour in the afternoon.

Some have made the argument that having more light in the morning is better than having it in the afternoon, but for me that is a specious argument in light of the fact that I still have to get up in the dark, and in some cases, drive into work in the dark regardless of whether it is Standard Time or Daylight Savings Time. At least on DST I don’t also have to drive home in the dark.

Considering I live on the eastern edge of the Eastern Time Zone, the time zone being far wider than the others in the US, remaining on DST makes more sense. And if we can’t do that, then it would be to our advantage to change to the Atlantic Time Zone and remain in Atlantic Standard Time year round (which is the equivalent of Eastern Daylight Time).

I don’t know of anybody who likes changing the clock twice a year. Anecdotally, most people I have talked to would prefer to remain in DST year round, at least here in New Hampshire.

Update: Here’s some information that explains another benefit of remaining on Daylight Savings Time: It can save wildlife as well as human lives.