Let's Call It What It Is

I found it interesting to see the outrage of some of the residents on Martha’s Vineyard when they got a taste of what so many others have had to deal with regarding illegal immigrants being shipped into their neighborhoods.

It seems most of the outrage is coming from people who own second homes on the island rather than year-round residents. Of course the hypocrisy is strong considering Martha’s Vineyard is allegedly a sanctuary community. But once illegal immigrants actually arrive there, their virtue signaling sanctuary status magically disappears...at least until the illegals are kicked off the island.

I had the chance to ask a friend of mine who is a native Islander (fifth generation) about her reaction to what happened out there and she was not surprised at the outrage. However, she did mention that most of those expressing outrage are from “off-island” (the Martha’s Vineyard equivalent of New Hampshire’s “folks from away” or more derisively “flatlanders”). They have vacation homes on the island and don’t live there. They tend to be the most vocal when things don’t go the way they think they should.

I have dealt with some of those folks on Martha’s Vineyard in the past, having spent a lot of time on the island in my teens, 20’s, and 30’s, mostly during the off-season. I’ve been dealing with the equivalent up here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire for the past 30 years. The only difference between the two is the folks on Martha’s Vineyard have even more money and tend to be snootier and more entitled than the folks here.

Why do folks who think being a sanctuary community is fine...until actual illegal immigrants show up? Let’s call it what it is: