Thoughts On A Sunday

The 99th Annual Laconia Motorcycle Week is winding down. It’s been busy all week with hundreds of thousands of bikers visiting New Hampshire. For the most part it’s been good, it’s been relatively quiet (except for the roar of bike exhausts), but there have been some accidents, with five of them ending in fatalities. At least one involved an intoxicated driver – someone driving an SUV crossed over a double yellow line and hit a motorcycle head on – killing the motorcyclist and severely injuring the bike passenger. What’s disturbing is the driver of the SUV was driving a vehicle without a breathalyzer interlock, required for him to drive due to a previous DWI conviction.

This loser is facing a number of felony charges and a long time in prison.


I’ve kept hearing that our fuel problems aren’t really due to tight oil supplies but that refinery owners are keeping their refinery resources offline to shorten supplies and drive up prices. But is that true?

While refineries are running at 93% capacity, the number is misleading, though not purposely.

The problem is that some refineries were shuttered because of the pandemic due to staffing shortages, other refineries presently have some units shut down for maintenance, upgrades, or replacement, and others have been converted due to a transition away from petroleum processing. All in all, around 11 million barrels of daily refining capacity no longer exists. So a 93% refining capacity of a total capacity that has shrunk by 11 million barrels a day isn’t as good as an 89% refining capacity with those 11 million barrels still online.


From the “Just When I Thought They Couldn’t Get Any Stupider Department” comes this gem:

Male blood donor turned away from clinic after he refused to answer whether he was pregnant.

Over nearly 50 years, Leslie Sinclair has given a formidable 125 pints of blood.

But on his last trip he was turned away after refusing to answer a question on whether or not he was pregnant.

Mr Sinclair, 66, was told to fill in a form which asked whether he was expecting a child or had been pregnant in the past six months.

When he complained that as a man in his 60s this question did not apply and he should not have to answer it, Mr Sinclair said staff at the clinic told him they could not accept his blood.

This took place in the UK which shows the woke disease has spread there, too. Is there nothing ‘woke’ can’t destroy?


I’m glad to see an idea I have been promoting for decades is starting to gain some traction...at least partly.

I have always thought that one way to get our ‘betters’ in DC, specifically our Congresscritters, under control is to ban HVAC in the Capitol Building, Legislative Office Buildings, and Congressional residences. With no heat or A/C most of those Congresscritters would return to their home districts/states which means they wouldn’t be spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need and that a vast majority of the American people don’t want. If they’re there most of the year they try to justify their presence in Congress by doing the very things I listed above.

Now comes the suggestion from Glenn Reynolds to ban A/C in DC. While his suggestion doesn’t go quite as far as mine, it would be a good start.


From the “Just When I Thought They Couldn’t Get Any Stupider Department” – Part 2 comes this gem:

Journalism professor suggests young reporters fabricate stories because of racism, high standards.

So, rather than reporting the news, something reporters are supposed to do, this ‘Journalism’ professor wants them to become propagandists, to lie about events that did or did not take place through the lens of racism. That’s what totalitarians do when they want to control the narrative about the events of the day. The truth isn’t important, particularly if it doesn’t support the narrative of the totalitarians.

The professor should be fired since it is quite evident is she defrauding the university and the students.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee where the roar of motorcycles is fading away, the local restaurants are available to us again, and where planning for the 100th Annual Laconia Motorcycle Week is already under way.