Thoughts On A Sunday

Yesterday started Laconia Bike Week, the 99th annual gathering.

Motorcycles started arriving in numbers Friday afternoon and have been seen and heard all over the Lakes Region of New Hampshire all weekend. The majority of the bikers will be arriving starting this coming Thursday as most come up for a long weekend rather than the full 9 days of the rally.

If tradition holds there will be a Hillclimb at the Gunstock Ski Resort this coming Wednesday, an event I have attended many times over the years. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this year as I have too much work awaiting my attention at the lab.


It seems more Congressional Democrats are showing their true colors, a standard in red, white, and black dating back to the late 1920’s in Germany. The latest Democrat to do so?

Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA).

Despite being an advocate of “civility,” “decency,” and “unity” in the past, Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.) has apparently been so radicalized by her caucus that she now says the Republican Party is “diseased” and must be “cleansed.”

“This is, in my opinion, a diseased Republican Party. And it needs to be cured and cleansed,” Houlahan said on the Daily Beast‘s The New Abnormal podcast last month. “So the stakes of having a Republican, as an example, in my seat are more than just policy differences. They are democracy, in my opinion.”

The GOP is “diseased” and must be “cleansed?” Where have you heard such rhetoric before? It bears a shocking resemblance to the rhetoric of the Nazi Party.

We’ve known many Democrats are totalitarians at heart, wishing to cast off the restraints of the Constitution and to rule the Deplorables as they see fit. Would cattle cars, concentration camps, gas chambers, and cremation ovens be all that far behind were Representative Houlahan to get her wish?


This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention.

Most voters believe the Biden administration is allowing gas prices to rise to force Americans to use less fossil fuel, a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released Friday found.

The survey asked, “Do you believe the Biden Administration is intentionally letting gas prices rise to make Americans use less fossil fuels?”

Most, 53 percent, said “yes,” they believe the Biden administration is allowing it to happen purposely to force Americans to use less fossil fuel. Another 39.6 percent, however, do not believe that is the case, and 7.4 percent are unsure.


The survey was taken May 25-29, 2022, among 1,091 likely general election voters and has a margin of error of +/- 2.9 percent. It comes as gas prices broke yet another record high on Friday, jumping to $4.986 overnight, according to AAA. That reflects a 22 cent rise in the last week and a 61 cent rise in the last month.

Starting with the Executive Orders President * signed on his first day in office, the first blows were struck against domestic oil production. What did people think would happen?

Gasoline prices have more than doubled since SloJo took office. Despite SloJo and WRBA trying to lay the blame for rising fuel prices on the war in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin, the rise started well before then and the amplitude was high well before the whole Ukraine kerfuffle started. It has also fueled a large portion of the inflation we’ve been suffering, despite Biden’s claims to the contrary.


I wish I could say this story surprised me, but seeing how “Get woke, go broke” is being proved again and again, this one doesn’t. However, seeing who the subject of this story is saddens me.


It appears the magic that has made visits to Disneyland and Disney World a wonderful experience has faded, and it was done on purpose.

Disney has taken more than its share of hits lately after sticking its nose in Florida politics and coming out against the state’s Parental Right in Education law. Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature ran circles around Disney, first by passing the legislation and then by revoking Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District.

The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) has suffered financially as a result of its far-left stance against protecting children from grooming, and the public has in the wake of its wokeness as well.

One of Disney’s points of pride — no, not that kind of “Pride” — has been its theme parks and their ability to make guests feel like they’ve left the outside world behind and entered an immersive escape. Disney has traditionally thought of every detail and worked hard to accommodate guests at every turn, but as I’ve written before, TWDC has made it harder for guests to make the most of their hard-earned vacation. And I’m not the only one who has noticed.

Inside the Magic, one of the fan sites I follow, included several stories in Saturday’s email about guests who had less-than-magical experiences at Disney’s theme parks and resorts.

It only gets worse from there.

I remember when my missus, our son, and I spent a week at Disney World back in 2007. We spent a lot of time there, with some visits to family members and friends squeezed in between our time in the park. We have a lot of fond memories of our visit. I had hoped to go back again sometime, but reading about what’s been happening there has me rethinking that.


The Democrats’ Hail Mary attempt to paint a protest as insurrection took to the airwaves Thursday night to broadcast their version of a Soviet-style “show trial”, causing a number of TV networks to pre-empt their normal programming. I guess they were expecting everyone to tune in so the Dems could sell their B.S. as actual news.

But it looks like American TV viewers chose to ignore it in droves.

Television networks that broadcast the Jan. 6 Committee’s first summer hearing in prime time Thursday night failed to attract more viewers than on a typical weeknight.

“The world is watching what we do here,” Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., said in his opening statement. “America has long been expected to be a shining city on a hill, a beacon of hope and freedom, a model for others when we are at our best.”

Thompson’s viewership, however, missed the mark.

According to preliminary ratings figures from Nielsen published by The New York Times, more than 19 million tuned in for what was anticipated to be a blockbuster event. While 19 million may seem high at first glance, a look at what cable and broadcast networks typically pull for an average evening reveals Thursday’s viewership as little to brag about, especially when all but one, Fox News, aired the livestream.

They expected everyone to tune in. However, the interest by average Americans wasn’t there. Most people don’t care because they have far more important things to deal with, like energy prices that have doubled, double-digit inflation, shortages of goods, food, employees, and a federal government that is trying to shred the Constitution and turn the US into a totalitarian state.

The January 6th hearings clown show pales in comparison to any of that.


In case you haven’t received your latest update, the following two items are now defined by the mentally ill ‘woke’ as racist:


Asking people to renew their voter registration.

Make sure to update your “These Things Are Racist” list!


That’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee where the roar of motorcycle engines fills the air, more are expected over the coming week, and where we know most of our favorite restaurants will be crowded with the visiting bikers until after Father’s Day.