Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s Easter Sunday. However, that doesn’t mean I can get out of posting my usual Thoughts On A Sunday.

Part of this weekend was spent making repairs to the exterior of The Gulch. There are a couple of decaying backing boards near the steps that needed to be replaced prior to the house being painted later this spring. There are also the steps leading up to the porch and a couple of adjacent cedar shakes that are getting a little ‘punky’, so needed replacing as well. Between yesterday and some time spent after church today my eldest sister’s S. O. and I got it all done. The Gulch is all set for painting next month.

As an aside, this past week was a little disconcerting since I had Friday off. It was only a four-day workweek for me, down from my usual six-day workweek, so it threw off me a bit. It’s something I am not used to when I am not on vacation. It’s off-putting to me. Call it the New England Yankee work ethic (derived from the old Puritan work ethic) where if I am not working on a work day, then I am sinning in some form or fashion.


The battle for Twitter continues with the Progressive Censors trying their best create a ‘poison pill’ defense to prevent Elon Musk from acquiring a majority stake in Twitter and taking over. Considering Musk is likely the wealthiest man on the planet, at least at the moment, he probably has deeper pockets than most of the other Twitter stockholders. Despite the present leadership at Twitter trying to smear Musk and siccing the SEC on him, that hasn’t stopped him from offering $43 billion for the social media platform.

That have also been mutterings that Musk may be looking to develop his own Twitter-like platform, therefore bypassing the Twitterati elite and perhaps saving himself billions in the process.


I love it when Senator Ted Cruz puts close-minded intolerant brainwashed Progressives in their place. His latest target of well deserved derision?

A self-important and clueless Yale student who made the mistake of accusing Cruz of racism regarding the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Jackson.

The first thing to always notice when an exchange like this takes place is just how vague the charge is. This woman says that Cruz’s questions were racist, yet she provides no examples at all to show how. As someone who followed the Judge Jackson hearings, I have a pretty good handle on what the Texas senator asked, and every single point he hit was about her judicial record. If one is going to accuse another person of racism, shouldn’t they cite the supposed racism?

But that isn’t how the Progressive narrative works. They make the accusation but don’t cite examples. By the time people actually check out the veracity of the accusations and find them lacking, the next accusation has been made without any examples and the cycle repeats. However, Cruz didn’t let his accuser get away with it.

Getting back to Cruz’s response, he begins by pointing out the abject hypocrisy of the left when it comes to protecting black candidates and nominees. If it was racist to question and vote against Jackson simply because she’s a black person, why was it not racist when Democrats did the same thing to Clarence Thomas? Or Janice Rogers Brown? Cruz then notes how casually the left tosses around the accusation of racism, rarely providing any proof for their claims. Likewise, he points out that liberals didn’t consider it sexist when Democrats voted in lockstep against Amy Coney Barrett.

One thing the Left has failed to learn is not to get into a debate with Ted Cruz. Every time they do he hands them their proverbial heads because he comes armed with facts and evidence that are easily verifiable. All they have is baseless accusations and innuendo.


Since this is Easter and I have family visiting today, this is an abbreviated TOAS. Therefore, that is the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the leaf buds on the trees are appearing, there’s more boat traffic out on the lake, and where my boating season starts in about 4 weeks.