How Much Is It Going To Cost To Be Out On The Lake This Summer?

There has been a lot of speculation around the Big Lake about marine gas prices and where they will be once the boating season is in full swing. At the moment most marinas that have been updating gas prices show a range between $4.59/gallon and $6.99/gallon for 89 and 91 octane gas. (Surprisingly the 91 octane gas is cheaper than some of the 89 octane gas available at the various gas docks around the lake.) I expect prices will go even higher once we get well into summer and gas demand goes up.

I take it that it’s safe to make the assumption that the situation is the same at any of the other gas docks and marinas around the country.

The one upside to the high marine gas prices is that there will be less boat traffic on the lake. That’s what happened the last time gas prices were like this. There were times when there were very few boats out on the lake on a sunny July weekend afternoon. The last time I experienced that I think I saw all of a dozen boats over the three hours my family and I were out on the lake that day.

While the gas prices will also affect me, it won’t be as much as it would some of the other boaters since I don’t buy gas for the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout at gas docks. Rather, I use a couple of gas caddies and fill them at the local gas station. It helps that my boat only requires 87 octane gas which saves costs up front and not having to pay the price premium for gas sold at gas docks which can be as much as $1.50/gallon above that sold at the gas station. It also helps that the boat doesn’t use a lot of gas as compared to some. We may not go out as often as we might otherwise or we’ll spend more time at anchor at some of our favorite spots rather than cruising around the lake in an effort to reduce gas consumption.

Despite the gas prices, I am looking forward the upcoming boating season.