I Don't Care

“I don’t care.”

This has become my response to a lot of issues that are allegedly plaguing our society. Not all of them, but a lot of them.

I find that almost all of the ‘woke’ issues are ones I care less and less about. My reason is that so many of the ‘woke’ issues are pure unadulterated bulls**t. So many of them are trivial, but blown all out of proportion until they seem of major importance. But they aren’t. They are still trivial. Some are even non-existent.

It seems that so many privileged (and bored) white Progressives find they don’t have a cause to fight for, unlike their parents or grandparents. All the good causes have already been won, most of them in the 60’s and 70’s. Good causes are in short supply, so the ‘woke’ needed to find something. Little things are blown all out of proportion to create a cause and the cause is pushed. Even ridiculous causes are treated as if the fate of humanity depends upon it.

Another thing I don’t care about? LGBTQA+. Why?

Because none of that makes any difference to me. I don’t care if someone is homosexual. I don’t care if someone is bisexual. I don’t care if someone is trans. I don’t care if someone is ‘+’. None of that makes any difference to me and never has. To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “I want people to be judged by the content of their character, not their sexual orientation or gender identity.” My problem is that an increasing number of the LGBTQA+ community have made their sexual orientation or gender identity their sole purpose in life. They go on and on ad nauseum all day, every day, and they don’t stop, ever. They aren’t helping their cause. Rather they are damaging it. Their entire identity is wrapped up in their cause to the exclusion of all else. They become a parody of the very thing they say they are fighting for and people start ignoring them, just the opposite of what they say they want. They become boring to talk to or interact with because all they ever talk about is their community, period.

I know so many other members of the community that don’t like this. They don’t like the In-Your-Face confrontation and theater that masquerades as support.

Another topic I don’t care about?

Sexism, and its ‘related’ issue, patriarchy.

I think my biggest problem is how every problem women experience is solely the fault of the patriarchy (which is based on sexism). My problem with such claims? It seems those complaining the loudest about patriarchy can’t even define it. (A definition can be found here.) All they seem to know is that it has something to do with men and is therefore, evil. How can anyone be against something they can’t even define?

Then there’s racism.

It is a problem...but I don’t care. Why?

It is claimed the US is a racist nation, one of the worst on the face of the planet. But most of the folks making that claim have never been anywhere else on this planet. They have absolutely no clue how little racism exists here. For such a racist nation we seem to have little racism, particularly when compared to the rest of the world. (I have traveled to 40+ countries and I have seen and been subjected to racism.) We do have it here. I do not claim we don’t. What makes me not care is that the ones screaming the loudest about racism tend to be the racists in the room. They somehow have the idea that our racially disadvantaged citizens (meaning non-white) can’t possibly get ahead without their helping hand, a hand that more often holds them back. We have seen many of these same racist anti-racists speak on behalf of racial groups they neither know or understand.

A couple of examples of this paradox include the ‘woke’ pushing to change the team names of the Washington Redskins (NFL) and Cleveland Indians (MLB). They saw the names as demeaning and racist. However, they never bothered to ask the Native American tribes how they felt about it. If they had, they would have found most had no issues with the team names. In fact, a poll taken of Native Americans about the name of the Washington Redskins found that a majority were proud of the name with the next largest number of those polled being ‘indifferent’ to the name. Yes, one tribe, the Oneida, expressed their dismay at the name. But the Blackfeet tribe was upset at the change considering Walter Wetzel, a member of the Blackfeet, created the logo that had been used since 1971.

The one thing that has me not caring about racism is the claim we hear from the woke that only white people can be racist. I cannot even begin to explain just how clueless and stupid that claim is. That told me I didn’t need to care about the racism.

I could continue on and on about issues ‘plaguing’ our country about which I don’t care, many of which are faux causes or trivial grievances. I have more important things to care about and deal with. So do we all. It’s time for more of us to say “I don’t care” when it comes to the aforementioned causes and grievances. We all have more important things to deal with.