Thoughts On A Sunday

It was one of the last trips out on the lake of the boating season yesterday. I took a friend from work and his missus and his son out on the lake late yesterday as part of our end-of-the-boating-season outing(s). I might be able to squeeze in one more trip later today, with next weekend’s planned jaunt having the sole purpose of taking the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout out of the water and dropping it off at the boatyard that services it and stores it for the winter.


Is Oregon headed for a break-up?

It’s quite possible.

Should Trump win re-election it’s possible a drive by fifteen eastern counties in Oregon to separate from western Oregon could pick up steam. As the political demographics west of the Cascade Mountains has shifted far to the Left, perhaps even worse than what’s been seen in Coastal California, residents of eastern Oregon have felt ignored, if not denigrated by the condescending ‘woke’ populace on the other side of the mountains. Despite what these 15 counties are working towards, it is something different the western part of Oregon may try to do that has the eastern counties worried. Writes David Seminara:

I lived in Oregon between 2014 and 2019 and love it dearly despite its dysfunction. It broke my heart to see this summer’s devastating wildfires tear through the state. I hope and expect that Oregon will remain in the Union, but I worry that Mr. Trump’s re-election could lead to a mass mental-health emergency. If Oregon’s blue cities try to secede, the gun-loving inland counties aren’t likely to go with them. Things could get ugly.

Should such a break-up occur, the question becomes whether the eastern counties will join Idaho or join with some of the northern counties in California to create the new state of Jefferson. (The non-coastal counties of California have been suffering under the yoke of the increasing oppression of the ‘woke’ and ‘enlightened’ Progressives in Coastal California for decades now.)


One thing that amazes folks “from away” is just how much we folks from New England, and particularly northern New England, tend to be wary of newcomers, specifically folks who move here “from away”, worried that they’ll want to change things.

It’s not an unwarranted fear as we have seen that happen in some parts of New Hampshire as well as Maine and Vermont. We’ve seen the changes, and in most cases those changes are not for the better. They bring foolish notions with them that damaged the places they came from, and start pushing those same notions here, then they wonder why we won’t take them seriously. I’ve seen that here in the town I call home, as well as the other towns here in New Hampshire where I have lived in the past. I am not the only one that thinks this is so.

We have historically always been a bunch of cold weather curmudgeons that worked hard and played harder. The longer you’ve been here, the more of this ya got in ya. This right here is our own vetting system, which does work pretty well, if you are like me and you practice this as you should. We don’t have a problem with certain people of certain colors, it’s just ALL people that are not from this region, if they don’t pass the sniff test.


This is a very fierce loyalty to our own people and this is what it looks like.

I’m telling you all of this because I have gotten into tangles with people because they don’t get all of this. This mentality is very much a part of who we are here, we who are deeply rooted people here. If you’re not from here, I don’t think that they even get this.. but this is a very real thing and we don’t take kindly to people telling us to not be this way. It’s really a primal protective mechanism.. and when you look at the place now, it’s clear to see why the hair on our backs gets raised whenever we meet people that don’t know how to talk like we do..


Look at the damage that “New People” have done to us up here.

And don’t misunderstand, I know you... are wonderful, and there are many good people here. BUT there are also many that are not and have done us no favors at all.

I just think that this stuff is something that has got to be understood because this is our culture.. and it’s really been largely diluted away. And sadly, people like me are shamed all the time for just being the way that all the old relatives are, the way they raised us. I’m not giving up my roots.

There is really very little interest in understanding all of this today because of course, we are a real thorn in their side. It’s pretty sad to watch.

Folks from away talk about cultural appropriation, but you never hear them talk about the cultural destruction they are wreaking in our own nation.

I think we can paraphrase the good Dr. Sowell to better explain the problem: “In the past five decades we have seen things that work well being replaced with things that sound good.”



So Gropy Uncle Joe has a great “Voter Fraud Organization” going?

It isn’t as if we didn’t already now that. But now we have it on record, right?


And that’s the (abbreviated) news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where we’re experiencing the last of the nice weather because we’ve got cooler temps and rain coming this week, preparations are being finalized for voting on November 3rd, and plans to pulling the boat out of the water have been made.