Democrat Reaction To Trump Covid-19 Diagnosis

There were a number of topics I could have covered today, but the only one seem to be talking about is the President and First Lady’s positive test results showing they have Covid-19. It was “Breaking News” on just about every TV news outlet this morning and again late this afternoon when it was announced the President was going to Walter Reed Hospital “as a precaution”.

One thing that didn’t make the news is the reaction of many Democrats to the news of the Trumps diagnoses: They were hoping, even praying he would die.

What. A. Bunch. Of. Dirtbags.

As Stephen Green reminds us, “If they’ll publicly call for the death of a president, imagine what they must privately think of you.”

At least one Democrat has shown she has class, that Democrat being Tulsi Gabbard.

When she was running for the Democrat nomination I had some hopes for her. But she was too moderate for the Progressives in the Democrat Party and they apparently didn’t like that. I figure with her tweet wishing the President and First Lady a swift recovery (linked above), she’s now all but dead to them.

And people wonder why more lifelong Democrats have been joining the #WalkAway campaign.