Thoughts On A Sunday

We’ve managed to make it through yet another week here in Coronavirus America.

It has been a little weird here in New England, weather-wise. Here it is, mid-May, and we’ve seen weather and temperatures more appropriate for mid-December. We had a couple of inches of snow, high winds, and below-freezing temperatures yesterday. It is warmer today, along with lower winds, but the temperature is still well below normal.

And to think I had planned to put the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout, aka The Boat, into the water yesterday. The official launch has been postponed until next weekend.


Some of the stay-at-home restrictions in my home state end at midnight tonight and restaurants and bars that do not have outdoor seating are reopening, but under the condition that there be outdoor seating only.

In our town, the Town Powers That Be decided the affected bars/restaurants didn’t need to get permission to create temporary outdoor seating. The only stipulation for them doing so was making sure patrons and staff would be protected from vehicular traffic, there would be no impediment to traffic, and that fire safety requirements would be met.

We’re hoping all of the restrictions will be removed by Memorial Day weekend.


Could it be that universal use of facemasks and hand-washing along with isolation of the most vulnerable people is all that was needed to deal with this pandemic? Was the widespread lockdown imposed in the various states too over the top?

Seeing the infection patterns, the number of cases, and the protection taken (or not taken), it looks like to me like the lockdowns were not really effective. Hygiene and personal protective measures appear to be more effective than locking everyone away from everyone else and shutting down businesses.


I have to agree with this assessment of The Won:

Obama is a sanctimonious, arrogant, dangerous, viper.

He’s also a racist and suffers from delusions of adequacy. But that’s not important now.

What we need to understand is that Obama used the DOJ and the FBI (and the IRS) as his personal ‘hit squads’ to spy on and try to destroy his successor -Trump - and members of the new administration, as well as targeting conservative organizations that support Trump. In other words, he was a scumbag that used scumbag (and illegal) tactics to try to destroy someone he saw as unworthy to sit in the Oval Office. That’s rich, coming from someone who was never worthy to occupy the White House in the first place.


It turns out the media hates Trump for a good reason: He’s exposed them for the cheap mockery they are.

The media hasn’t received a fraction of the abuse it deserves.


And that’s the (abbreviated) news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where winter weather has returned, boat launchings have stalled, and where restaurants are re-opening.