Resistance To Stay-At-Home Edicts Rising

Listening to the various news reports on the DNC-MSM about the increasing resistance against the stay-at-home edicts issued by the various states’ governors, one gets the impression they are trying to shame people they don’t like to fall in line and comply, to be “Good Germans” and listen to their F├╝hrer. Snitch lines were set up to “inform” on those refusing to comply any longer. Even ‘snitches’ turned the tables on the snitch lines, informing on actual snitches, providing false reports, or leaving expletive-laden “denunciations”, making the snitch lines all but useless.

Some dissenters have been singular, refusing to comply with over-the-top shutdown orders by keeping their businesses open or enjoying outdoors areas like parks, hiking and bike trails, and beaches. Others were collective, officials like mayors, city and town councilors, county commissioners, county sheriffs, and police chiefs, citing their refusal to violate the US and their state’s Constitution by issuing citations or arresting people for violating gubernatorial or municipal executive orders that made no sense. Some saw the edicts as being nothing more than a one-size-fits-all solution to a problem that didn’t exist in their communities. Government actions taken in large metropolitan areas either didn’t make sense or wouldn’t work in more sparsely populated areas, but that didn’t stop them from being imposed anyways.

Many of the shutdown measures went way too far, making it obvious those advising state and local officials had little understanding of many of the businesses they were forcing to close, little understanding of the processes and services used and provided by them.

Restrictions were placed on what goods that could be purchased by people that also made no sense. Why would anyone (*cough* *cough* Governor Whitmer *cough*) feel it was necessary to ban the purchase of things like vegetable seeds, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides, just to name a few? All it did was add more of a burden to the citizens of Michigan already burdened by other over-the-top restrictions on everyday activities. Did the folks deciding on this restriction really believe such restrictions would make any difference whatsoever, or was it a test to see the if there were limits to their power and to what their subjects…err…constituents would submit? At least that question has been answered in part – The Powers That Be went too far and the peasants have had enough and are revolting.

We have certainly been seeing a growing resistance here in my home state of New Hampshire. Seeing how Covid-19 has been affecting primarily one section of the populace, and seeing how such a large percentage of the deaths have happened in long-term care facilities to patients with underlying health conditions, adjustments should ne made to the various restrictions since we know it is those at risk that must be protected. Keeping everyone under the one-size-fits-all ‘solution’ is a non-starter and is hurting far more people than it’s helping. While some of those restrictions are being lifted over the next couple of weeks, it isn’t happening fast enough. Locking down long-term care facilities – nursing homes, assisted living communities, rehab facilities – makes perfect sense and is easier to achieve. (My ex works at one such long-term care facility and they locked down around the time the first case was reported in New Hampshire. So far, they have had exactly zero cases among residents and staff. They did it right.)

It must be mentioned that not all states went on lockdown. South Dakota was one such and the population wasn’t struck down by the pandemic nor were their hospitals overwhelmed by the sick. One has to wonder if other rural and thinly settled areas round the nation would have done just as well as South Dakota.