What Are The True Numbers?

Watching the opening of this evening’s ABC World News, it became quite apparent to me that they are buying China’s claim that they brought Covid-19 under control and that there have been no (or very few) new cases for weeks now.

Their opening story displayed a chart showing the number of cases of Covid-19. The two most telling lines were those displaying the number of cases in China and the US. The US still shows an upward slope while China’s shows a flattening out weeks ago, with the total reported by China well below that of the US.

I’m not buying it.

As I have stated elsewhere, pandemics don’t just stop. The number of new cases don’t fall off a cliff and hit zero overnight, yet that’s what the Chinese government wants everyone to believe. The official number of cases reported by the Chinese seem very low. Reports from China do not seem to jibe with information received by way of electronics parts suppliers in Wuhan. Some intelligence reports gathered by the UK imply the number of cases and deaths in China were between 15 and 40 times higher than reported.

Which one is the truth?

If it’s reported by ABC News then the chances are pretty good that it isn’t true.