Do We Need Re-education Programs To Help Blue State Refugees Adapt?

I pulled this out of a response I made on Disqus some time ago, something I think would help refugees from Blue states adapt to their new homes.

One of the big worries many folks have (including me) is that folks “from away” have a propensity to try to recreate the places from which they fled, not understanding that many of the things they believe are necessary to have in their towns or states are the very things that helped turned their former homes into places that were no longer livable. Why would they come to a place they see as a refuge and try to turn it into the very place they fled? It is something I have pondered about and commented upon many times over the years.

Much of this comes from a letter I received from the late William Loeb decades ago, as well as an idea that University of Tennessee Law Professor Glenn Reynolds put forth as a means of reducing this problem.

Much of this could be prevented if we follow the late William Loeb's suggestion or Professor Glenn Reynolds' idea of a re-orientation camp/Welcome Wagon - places where newcomers must go to learn "How Things Are Done In Your New Home State And Why" and "Gun Free Zones Kill, Not Law-Abiding Gun Owners" and just as importantly, "The State Ain't Your Mommy Or Daddy, So Grow Up And Be A Self-Reliant Adult". Perhaps some basic "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" and "Don't Expect Your Neighbor To Pay For The Things You Think Are Needs But Are Really Just Nice-To-Haves" classes should be thrown in as well. Perhaps throw in some seminars about "When They Say 'It's For The Children', They Are Lying To You And Want More Of Your Money And More Control Over Your Life So Don't Let Them". Probably two of the most important lessons newcomers will have to learn is this one: "We Don't Care How You Did Things Back Where You Came From. You're Here Now." and this one: "If Things Were So Great Back Where You Came From, Why Are You Here? Maybe You Should Go Back There."

If they can't pass the tests that will be mandatory after taking all the classes and seminars, they will have to go back where they came from because they won't be fit enough to be released among the populace.

We see it here all the time, with folks moving here “from away” wanting to change everything here into something resembling the place they left.