Democrat Debate Reaction

I made an effort to watch the Democrat Presidential Debate in New Hampshire tonight. I lasted about 40 minutes and I had to turn it off. I was getting too angry listening to the outright lies, fabrications, and a ton of wishful thinking masquerading as deep thought and wisdom. It seems every single candidate thinks the economy is broken and needs to be fixed. Of course, by ‘fixed’, they mean returning to tried and true regulations and economic policies guaranteed to damage the economy and return us to the bad old days of the Obama economy.

Three of the candidates want to plunge us back into recession by banning fracking, one of the biggest drivers of our economic recovery. It seems they don’t care if that action does so because “it’s for our own good.” Of course these same candidates are insulated from the effects of such a recession because they’re wealthy. The average Janes and Joes will be the ones paying the price, something these candidates are choosing to ignore for the same “it’s for our own good” reason.

There’s a push for Medicare For All, yet none of candidates pushing for it seem willing to discuss how it will be funded.

But it was Steyer’s self serving and arrogant rant against Trump that finally drove me to turn off the TV.