Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s been a busy weekend up here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, with a visitor staying with us here at The Gulch. A long time friend of yours truly spent the weekend up here unwinding, travelling about, and looking at the some of the available real estate with an eye towards a possible relocation to this area some time in the future.

I did manage to get him out on the lake for a while after a driving trip around the lake for a look-see. He was also able to partake in some of the cuisine in a number of our local diners, something he enjoys.

While it made for a long and tiring weekend, it was still had a great time.


It seems the economy is refusing to cooperate with the Democrats, stubbornly remaining strong with high employment, a high labor participation rate, high consumer confidence, and a strong stock market, just to name a few factors. It isn’t an issue the Democrats will be able to use other than making lame and unproven claims about how the economy isn’t making everybody rich.

Of course “rich” is a relative term, something the Democrats rarely if ever define other than it’s something bad…unless the person being described is a Democrat.


Yet another example of Leftist autophagy: More of the 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates are turning on Obama.


No, the United States does not have the most mass shootings in the world. It ain’t even close.


Oh, by the way. The Dayton, Ohio mass murderer Connor Betts was a registered Democrat (and has been since 2012) despite what the Left has tried to claim.

One of his victims? His own sister.

Another thing to remember: Betts committed his murders in a gun free zone. Funny that a very large majority (>96%) of mass shootings in the US have taken place in gun free zones is something that is never mentioned by the Left.


It seems more snowflakes are doing their best to insult first responders, damage their employer’s reputation, and basically leave everyone with the impression that too many of our younger generation do not understand that their feelings do not take precedence at their workplace.


And that’s the (abbreviated) news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where it was a great weekend, the weather was perfect, and where I wish Monday was still two days away.