Thoughts On A Sunday

Another summer weekend has come and gone, with many things have been done and experienced, and another set of summer memories made.

We enjoyed an evening out on the lake Friday evening where we enjoyed one of the better sunsets I think we’ve ever seen.

One of the events I had the pleasure of partaking was the annual island cleanup day, where island residents load all their junk and castoffs onto their boats and offload them at the town docks for disposal. We saw everything from old mattresses and box springs to refrigerators, air conditioners, electric/gas ranges, old furniture, construction demo (old wood, old bags of concrete mix, doors, windows, water pipe, electric wiring, and even a kitchen sink), sailboards, and an old rowboat. It is amazing how much junk can be carried over from the islands in a little over three hours.


President Trump is lambasted for labeling parts of Baltimore as “rat infested” in a tweet. He’s labeled a “racist” because the area of Baltimore to which Trump referred is in Elijah Cummings (D-MD) congressional district. That Bernie Sanders called that same district a “Third World country” back in 2015 is forgivable because, after all, he’s a Progressive and Progressives get a pass.

But it turns out that President Trump was right, something pest control company Orkin has confirmed – Baltimore is one of the “rattiest cities” in the US, coming in at No. 8. (That Los Angeles and San Francisco rank higher is not a surprise.)

So the Progressive media is wrong to flame Trump for telling the truth. But then, it isn’t their truth, so it’s okay to slam the President.


Here’s a more local view of how the $15/hour minimum wage will hurt businesses and workers, this time in my home state of New Hampshire.

Of course, the victims of a $15 minimum wage can be safely ignored because it is the intentions that count, not the outcome.


One would think now that Bob Mueller has been sacrificed on the Democrats’ Altar of Get Trump, that they could get back to working for their constituents as they were elected to do. But it seems that between the Mueller Report and Mueller’s “testimony” at the Congressional hearing, the Democrats have decided to double down on stupid and continue flogging a long dead horse, continuing their inquisition and wasting even more time and taxpayer money in order to “get” the President.

The Mueller investigation took 22 months and to all intents and purposes turned up nothing actionable. Millions of dollars were spent, wrongdoing by the Clinton campaign and the FBI was uncovered, yet it’s Trump who’s at fault for their wrongdoing because “Orange Man Bad”.

I expect these shenanigans to continue for years, maybe even after Trump leaves office in 2025.


Speaking of 2025, here’s a story from that year related to the posting above.


By the way, “not exonerated” means “innocent” in our legal system.

The anti-Trump forces wish that were not the case. Heck, I think even if he were exonerated they would still find him guilty…of something.


As a change of subject, it must be noted that Socialism sucks the life from everything. It can’t help but do so considering its ability to spread misery, envy, greed, and fear everywhere it goes. It destroys economies, obliterates social contracts, replaces things that work with things that sound good because it supports the narrative, and tries to sell everyone on the idea that somehow they are better off even though it is obvious to anyone paying attention that they are not.


If there weren’t double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

An Antifa student who tried to chain the classroom doors at a College Republicans meeting won’t be charged.

That’s the wrong message to be sending and will merely encourage more bad acts. What if the next Antifa activist tries to do the same thing and adds a gallon of gasoline to the mix? It would be foolish to assume some nut somewhere won’t try such a thing. After all, other Antifa ‘protesters’ have vandalized property, committed acts of arson, and have physically assaulted people they see as “not them”. Burning people alive that they see as Nazis in a room where the doors have been chained shut doesn’t seem like much of a step for some of these nuts.


I’m glad to see CBS has cancelled the execrable The Code.

I gave it a go for three episodes as I understand that sometimes it takes time for a show to find its groove. It never found that groove and if nothing else got worse with each episode. It got so much wrong in such a short period of time. CBS did the right thing in killing it.


I figure it’s only a matter of time before the Black Plague makes an appearance in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I figure Denver won’t be too far behind.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather is perfect, the lake water temperature is likewise, and where I wish the weekend were a couple of days longer.