Thoughts On A Sunday Wednesday

I don’t know what is happening, but I’ve been having problems posting to Blogger the past few days. I can enter text directly, but it hasn’t been taking the ‘copy and paste’ I usually use, and even then it seems to only take part of it. I have been working with Blogger to solve the problem.

In the mean time I have taken part of what I originally put together for a very abbreviated TOAS.


The Fourth of July weekend is winding down, with long lines of traffic leaving the Lakes Region. (I can attest to the traffic, having witnessed heavy traffic on one of our state highways while trying to leave the diner where Deb and I had breakfast late this morning.) Most of the traffic had out of state plates – Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, along with a disproportionate number of cars bearing New York plates.

The weekend really started on Wednesday, with inbound traffic picking up starting around noon. There were a lot of summerfolk up for the Fourth, much of the evidence being seen on Lake Winnipesaukee as the number of boats plying its waters was huge. (Unfortunately the increased number of boats meant there were a proportionate number of Cap’n Boneheads skippering some of them.)

The restaurants were busy as were the ice cream stands and the beaches which was not surprising because it was hot and humid all week. The only ‘cool’ day was today, which meant it was only in the upper 70’s.

Not a bad way to end the holiday weekend.


Is there nothing Donald Trump cannot do?

In this case he managed to get the Democrats/Socialists to protest against the Fourth of July, between Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley trashing the Declaration of Independence as sexist/racist/whateverist to Teen Vogue trashing patriotism as racist/sexist/whateverist to the Left trashing President Trump’s July 4th speech as racist/sexist/whateverist.