Breakup Of Canada?

It was while reading the comments to a post over at Instapundit about Trump purchasing Greenland from Denmark that I came across this comment - “Next: Alberta.”

This generated an off-topic thread that dealt with Alberta having threatened to leave Canada and apply for statehood in the US. Another commenter mentioned that 50% of Albertans are for separation from Canada and that the number could skyrocket if Trudeau is reelected.

Yet another commented “Most Albertans are pissed at Alberta as they're footing the bill for Ontario and Quebec's lavish social net. The demographic growth for Ontario and Quebec has been atrocious with a rapidly aging population and a declining working population (factories are disappearing because of it).”

Another comment mentioned the Atlantic provinces applying for statehood if Quebec had succeeded in leaving which would have left them cut off from the rest of Canada.

This begs the question: Just how fragile is Canada? Is what I am reading merely grumbling or wishful thinking, or have Canadians in a number of provinces had just about enough of Ottawa and Trudeau and want out? Would they want to go it alone or would they consider joining the US?

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about disaffected provinces eyeing departure, though it has been years since I last heard anything about it.