Thoughts On A Sunday

The weather here in New Hampshire was schizophrenic over the weekend, with temps in the southern end of the state in the 60’s and in the upper 30’s in the northernmost part of the state on Saturday. It reached 45° here at The Gulch.

Such is the weather here in New England.


If you thought the Democrats focus on Trump would subside now that the Mueller Report has exonerated him in regard to Russiagate, you were wrong. If nothing else congressional Democrats are going to double down on stupid, continuing their witch hunt…er…investigation of Trump’s collusion with the Russians during his election campaign. The just know he had to have colluded with the Russians (even though it was Hillary’s campaign that did that). It is the only explanation for Hillary’s loss in 2016 they’ll accept.

As Senator Ted Cruz explained it to CNN’s Dana Bash:

“Yesterday, the Mueller report was going to be the end all and be all. It was going to be the salvation for the Democrats and destroy President Trump. Now, you can already see the Democrats pivoting away and saying, 'Okay, we need to do other investigations. There's gotta be someone else. There's gotta be the Southern District of New York. It's gotta be the New York Attorney General. It's gotta be Congress.'”

“But, Dana, my point is, you ask Congressman Nadler whether the House is going to impeach the president and I'll answer that for you. Yes. They fully intend to impeach the president and they don't care about the basis," Cruz explained. "Twice Congressman Nadler said something remarkable. He said, 'Listen, the special counsel's focused on crimes. We're not all that concerned with crimes. Our focus is – this is Democrats in the House – is much broader than crimes.' What they're basically saying is they're going to impeach the president for being Donald Trump and they don't care about the evidence, they don't care about the substance."

Cruz is absolutely right. The House is going to move forward with impeachment proceedings, regardless of what is found. Just remember: we had freshman Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) talk about "impeaching that mother f**ker" on her very first day in Congress.

Democrats won't be happy until Trump is no longer in office. And now their witch hunt will continue.

One has to wonder whether this obsessive need to “get Trump” will become so all consuming that House Democrats will abandon the rest of their congressional duties to do so. If so, President Trump will have them right where he wants them.


Ed Driscoll gives is a Spring Fascism Preview, a head’s up for the upcoming Earth Day and Venezuela’s involuntary participation in Lights Out for Earth Hour.

Then again, Venezuela has been participating in Lights Out every day for weeks now and it looks like they will continue to participate for weeks to come.


At least one prankster is finding out the hard way that “swatting” someone is not a prank.

In this case, Tyler Barriss, a gamer living in California, called the Wichita, Kansas police, “pretending to be a deranged man with a gun holding members of his family hostage, giving what he believed was the target's address.” The problem beyond trying to swat a fellow gamer, Shane Gaskill of Wichita, is that he gave the police the wrong address.

The police arrived at the home of Andrew Finch, someone in no way connected to the dispute between Barriss and Gaskill. In the end Finch was shot dead by Wichita police as one officer thought he was reaching for a gun as he came out of his front door.

Barriss was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for Finch’s death in a Kansas federal court. It seems like justice has been served, right? Maybe not.

It isn’t that Barriss is getting off easy. He’s not. Barriss isn’t going to a nice “country club” federal prison, but a “take it up the butt” federal pen. One other thing he’s not: remorseful.

"I love swatting kids who think that nothing's going to happen," Barriss said in a YouTube interview hours after Finch's death.

In April, the incarcerated Barriss briefly gained access to the Internet—and he took the opportunity to demonstrate that he had learned nothing from his time behind bars.

"All right, now who was talking shit?" he tweeted on April 6, 2018. "Your ass is about to get swatted."

Barriss is an ass, one that who still hasn’t learned that actions have consequences, that life isn’t a game of Call of Duty (which is what prompted the dispute between Barriss and Gaskill to begin with) where one can push ‘reset’ or start a new game if things don’t go right. I have a feeling he’s going to learn the hard way that he isn’t all-powerful in prison. Instead, he’s going to end up being someone’s “bitch”.


Just when I think congressional Democrats couldn’t get any more arrogant (or clueless), one of them proves me wrong. In this case, Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), one of my state’s senators, has decided that her Senate seat belongs to her and, more specifically, to the Democrat Party in perpetuity. She has also branded anyone that doesn’t support her as ‘thieves’. From Shaheen’s office:

This is it, friends. The GOP is starting to build up its operation to steal this seat and protect its Senate majority.

After CNBC one of the two most endangered Democratic senators in the country, an out-of-state, right-wing group started running attack ads against us. Not long after, Ted C ruz started trying to recruit a far-right conservative to run against me.

And the worst part of it all? It’s working. A recent poll showed me tied with right-wing Gov. Chris Sununu. And if we lose, it will all but guarantee a Republican majority in the Senate for another two years. (emphasis in original – ed)

She only seems to dislike out-of-state groups if they aren’t supporting her. Double standard much, Senator? That she seems to believe that her senate seat belongs to her and the DNC shows her belief that the Democrats are a permanent ruling class and anyone that wants to disabuse her of that notion are criminals. The thing is, if she gets her way, anyone disagreeing with her or the DNC will become criminals and will be disposed of accordingly.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the lake is still iced over from shore to shore, more thoughts of the coming boating season are intruding, and where Mondays keep ending our weekends all too soon.