Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s frost heave and pothole season here in New Hampshire and it’s a bumper crop of both. With the wet winter and the few bouts of warm weather (defined as any time the temps are above freezing), our roads have taken a beating. Even the state roads are pretty beat up. Most of the local roads are posted with weight limits to keep heavier vehicles from tearing up the already damaged roads.

With warmer temps (50’s) forecast for the coming week, there will be a lot of snow melt. Night time temps will be below freezing, meaning the frost heaves and potholes are only going to get worse. The only ones that might like those conditions are the tire stores and repair shops who will be replacing bent wheels and performing front end alignments.

This is one of the seven seasons we experience here in northern New England. Right now it’s mud/flood season, to be followed shortly by spring, black fly, almost summer, summer, fall, and then winter.


I was going through the Weekend Pundit archives and came across this post from 2006 that addresses the Electoral College and the efforts by the Leftist know-nothings to do away with it, either through ignorance or malice aforethought. I’m inclined to think it’s both, with the malice having helped create the ignorance of the importance of the Electoral College and the reasoning behind it.

The arguments made back then to abolish the Electoral College are the same ones being made today, except that the people making the argument today are even more willfully ignorant than those 13 years ago and their arguments are even less logical, at least to me.


Want to know just how bad the affordable housing problem is in California? It’s this bad.

California has seen a proliferation in RV and vehicle living in some of the state’s most expensive areas and cities, such as Palo Alto, in recent years. (Palo Alto is the Silicon Valley area – ed.

The rise of mobile homes lining streets has been fueled by excessive rents and house prices, though numbers are hard to pin down.

I have read about and heard first hand accounts from people I know talk about making six-figure salaries but not being able to afford to buy or rent anyplace anywhere near work. Two or three hour commutes aren’t the answer. Who wants to spend 4 to 6 hours a day on the road? It doesn’t help that the various communities have very restrictive regulations that make building new affordable housing difficult, with lengthy application, review, and permitting processes. Those processes tend to preclude building affordable housing because the return on investment in both time and money isn’t worth it. Upscale housing is one of the few places where the time and effort pays off.

Is it any wonder why otherwise well off professionals are reduced to living in RVs, campers, or their cars?


I have seen the Mueller Report described as many different things, but this one is the best: A giant crap sandwich for the Democrats.

It’s not often I, like most of America, make a point to watch MSNBC or CNN. If I want to know what leftists are thinking I just imagine something so incredibly insane that there’s no way an educated adult would actually believe it, then double it and I’m there. But Friday night was an exception, I had to see how they responded to the news of the Mueller Report’s submission to the Attorney General and no further indictments coming. It was glorious.

You rarely get the chance to watch someone have to choke down a crap sandwich of their own making in front of the people they’d been force-feeding one to for years, but that was Friday night on cable news.


Everyone on those two channels should have been apologetic, gaslighting the country for 2 years before having the curtain ripped back so thoroughly should have been met with some humility. They should have been begging their audience for forgiveness. They were not.

I’m still waiting for heads to start exploding.


Nikki Haley has the right of it in regards to the Mueller Report. The problem is that the Democrats just won’t let it go and want to continue their own investigation. As if they will do any better job than the 22-month long Mueller investigation. They won’t, and they won’t be unbiased by any means. They aren’t looking to see if Trump violated the law. They’re looking to prove what they think (or hope) he did. Basically, they want to continue the witch hunt they’ve been supporting over the past 22 months. They want Trump’s head and will not stop until they get him, even if they need to make stuff up or twist innocent events into something sinister.


It looks like Washington State is working hard to make itself over as a northern version of California, in this case by expanding their existing sanctuary state rules. This shows me they are as shortsighted as California’s state government and are only borrowing trouble at the expense of their citizens. It also makes me wonder if the various county sheriffs will choose to not enforce the law just as they have announced they will not enforce Washington’s unconstitutional gun laws.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where warmer weather has returned, March Madness is getting interesting, and where we have to play very close attention to what our Democrat majority legislature is trying to take away from us this time.