MSM-DNC And Their Lackeys Scrambling To Find Something On Trump

After watching a couple of days worth of the MSM-DNC reactions to the Mueller Report and all I can say that it appears the media is trying to spin things around to still make President Trump guilty of something. They couldn't get him on collusion with Russia (though it looks like that might be something Hillary and the DNC might have to worry about), so now they want to see him fall based upon obstruction of justice charges, something Mueller couldn't pull off after 22 months of investigation.

Of course the Congressional Democrats want to pick up the mantle, desperate to find something with which to charge Trump and members of his administration. That they hate Trump with a passion, are pissed off at him because he beat Hillary (How dare he!) is not in question. It is something they cannot hide, nor have they tried very hard to do so.

Those who lambasted Trump, wringing their hands at the prospect of impeaching him are now scrambling, trying to change the narrative to make it seem as if they weren't really after Trump's hide. Some have even gone as far as to condemn their brethren for the rhetoric they spewed over the past 22 months.

It's been pathetic.

In response to Hillary's loss in 2016, the Democrats are trying very hard to change election law to make sure that no one but Democrats will ever win the White House or Congress again. Democrats on the state level have been trying to subvert the Electoral College with legislation that basically strips the voters in their states of their voices. As I have mentioned in other posts, Colorado has pushed legislation that will award their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote regardless of the election results in Colorado. The Democrats in Colorado have basically just told their citizens that their votes for president don't count anymore, that heir electoral votes will be decided by voters in other states. I have to ask yet again, how can that be constitutional?

I see a trip the United States Supreme Court in the future for the Attorney General of Colorado to defend such an anti-American piece of legislation.