Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s a half-and-half weekend here in central New Hampshire, with really nice weather on Saturday and snow/sleet/freezing rain today.

While we haven’t had what I would call a typical winter weather cycle this year, we’re still seeing enough winter weather. There haven’t been any real major snowfalls in this area, with most storms dumping about 6 to 8 inches with a changeover to sleet or freezing rain at the end. We usually see a lot more snow and it isn’t typical to end with sleet or freezing rain.


When I read this over at Instapundit my first reaction was that the inmates are running the asylum.

How stupid, intolerant, and ignorant is it to apply 21st Century “sensibilities” to 20th Century actions? (Notice I put sensibilities in quotes because what passes for sensibilities these days is intolerant, ignorant, and neo-puritanical. They have nothing to do with reality.)

When you have ill-educated college students applying those 21st Century “sensibilities” to things like a 1971 Playboy interview with John Wayne or an iconic picture from the end of World War II, you know things are seriously broken in this society. The typical response to be offended on the behalf of people who aren’t offended by what happened back then is the height arrogance and intolerance. They have become the very people they profess to ‘hate’ and they do not see it or their hypocrisy. In fact if they are aware of it they are proud of their willfully ignorant holier-than-thou take on life.


Oh, lord, but AOC is the gift that keeps on giving!

Her latest contribution to the destruction of the Democrat party is her equating the border wall President Trump wants to build on our southern border with the Berlin Wall built along the border between East and West Berlin.

Either she really has no grasp of history (very likely, considering she has no understanding of the history of socialism) or she is willfully ignorant. To equate one wall that is used to keep illegal immigrants and smugglers from entering the US to a wall that was built to keep people from escaping a totalitarian state, a wall that had guard towers, guards with machine guns, and spotlights to deter people from leaving communist East Germany for free West Germany is ignorant at best and disingenuous at worst. Many were killed by East German guards while trying to get across that wall. How many have been machined-gunned trying to cross from Mexico into the US?


I’m glad to see that my home state of New Hampshire is only the 42nd most sinful state, at least according to WalletHub. I am disappointed that neighboring states Maine and Vermont scored better than we did. On the other hand New Hampshire has state liquor stores with their own exits off of the Interstates.

At least we’re 48th when it comes to violent crimes per capita, with Vermont and Maine being numbers 49 and 50, respectively. Then again all three states are constitutional carry states, have very liberal gun laws, and a relatively high percentage of gun ownership.


Is it time to reconsider the Electoral College?

No. It works exactly as it was designed to work. If that is changed what’s to keep the same people hating the Electoral College for pushing to deconstruct the Senate and make it proportional like the House? At that point the “tyranny of the majority” would come into being and small states like mine will become political backwaters while states like California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois will be making the decisions for the other 45 states. That way leads to rebellion.


If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.


The New Hampshire Democrats efforts to make our state less safe by implementing Gun Free Zones has some intended ‘unintended’ consequences.

The push to make one of the safest states in the country into one big free-fire zone for criminals is the intended purpose of the proposed legislation. With the definition of school property being so broad, just about every place where things like school buses, school books, and class pets are located would be defined as a Gun Free Zone. That will make every single law-abiding citizen of the state carrying legally owned firearms a criminal under the proposed law.

It’s yet another in an endless attempt to disarm law-abiding citizens.


Could the reason so many Millennials seem to be willing to embrace socialism is because they have never heard of Lenin, Stalin, or Mao?

With no understanding of the past, and particularly the history of socialism, it’s no wonder so many seem willing to look at socialism. They don’t understand the dark history of that destructive ideology.


I think the whole Robert-Kraft-Visited-A-Massage-Parlor-And-Asked-For-A-Happy-Ending scandal is a setup. It’s a conspiracy aimed at the New England Patriots in retaliation for their sixth Super Bowl win. The other NFL teams can’t seem to beat them on the field, so they’re going after the owner as a means of weakening the Patriots.

Too bad for them that it won’t work.


No, cats aren’t psychopaths. But they have conquered the world using humans to do it.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the snow has been falling, the vacationers from Massachusetts have been departing for home, and where much colder temperatures and high winds are expected to arrive.