Thoughts On A Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday has arrived (also known as New England Patriots Invitational Sunday).


We survived the arctic blast that afflicted the Midwest, though it was attenuated as compared to what was seen in Fargo, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Chicago. We’ll be seeing temps swing into the 50’s by Tuesday, meaning we should be able to get some of the accumulated ice and snow to melt away, making room for more snow slated to arrive next Friday.


Seeing as it is Super Bowl Sunday, it’s time to address the myth about sex trafficking and domestic abuse increasing during this particular weekend.

Police reports do not show an increase in either. However there are more incidents of drunk and disorderly as well as DWI.


It’s one thing to make promises during an election campaign, and another thing to find some way to keep those promises and pay for them. That’s something rookie governor Gavin Newsom is learning the hard way.


Why doesn’t this surprise me?

CBS has rejected an ad from Line Nine Apparel that is the antithesis of Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad.

I guess patriotism is out of fashion at CBS. I wonder how long it will be before CBS cancels shows like NCIS or Blue Bloods because they are two patriotic?


Steve MacDonald will get no argument from me on this one.

Anarchists and Leftists share a common blind spot – Ignoring Human Nature.

The always do which is why the fail again and again and again. Human nature is stronger than either anarchist or socialist theory. It always wins in the end.


“Right to be Safe” is more important than the “Right to Bear Arms”? That’s what California Democrat Eric Swalwell believes. Remember him? He’s the one who threatened to use nukes against gun owners.

One commenter to the above post had a suggestion to make those like Mr. Swalwell feel safe. However I doubt he’d ever be willing to give up everything just to feel safe.


This is irony, squared.

Cory Booker (D-NJ) was the first mayor of Newark in over 45 years who left office without being indicted.

Was it because he was a straight arrow or that he left before they found any evidence of corruption? Considering every one of the indicted mayors was a Democrat I’d say it was more the latter rather than the former.


And that’s the abbreviated Super Bowl Sunday news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather is warming up, the supermarkets are full of people stocking up for the big game, and where just about every TV in New England will be tuned to the game.