Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s another wonderful weekend up at Lake Winnipesaukee. Looking out from the deck at The Gulch I can see that the lake is fully frozen over and that fishermen and snowmobilers are making full use of the ice.

It’s also February Vacation week down in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, meaning a lot of folks from there are up here for the week. That means the ski slopes are busy as are the cross-country and snowmobile trails. It also means the cash registers are ringing as both restaurants and outlet malls are busy. (New Hampshire has no sales tax so a lot of people cross the border to shop tax-free. During this week a lot of visitors will take advantage of their time on vacation to ‘kill two birds with one stone’.)

With more snow on the way tonight and again on Thursday, the conditions will be perfect for those vacationing here this week.


I have to admit that I was surprised to see a tweet from Sarah Jeong slamming anti-vaxxers. But the follow-on tweet from Brian Rockwell brings things back into perspective.


You tell them and you tell them and they still refused to listen.

In this case, proponents for $15/hour minimum wage in New York were warned that there would be fallout if it ever came to be. Much of that fallout would be in the form of reduced hours or loss of jobs because of the artificial increase in the cost of labor.

Now that $15/hour has come to be in New York City, fast food workers are losing their jobs and the NYT is saying they are being laid off without “just cause”.

Did proponents really think that affected businesses wouldn’t take steps to deal with their greatly increased cost of doing business? With labor being a third to a half of a restaurant’s operating costs, is it any wonder they would try to reduce their costs when the cost of labor was artificially increased?

As far as the layoffs being called “without just cause”, does the NYT think the businesses should be forced to keep employees they can no longer afford just to make them and the $15 proponents feeling good about what they did? Isn’t “I can’t afford to keep you because I have to pay you more than I can afford” a just cause? How much will employees be paid when the business they work for closes its doors when it goes bankrupt?

That the NYT and $15 proponents chose to ignore the lessons of other places like San Francisco and Seattle when they imposed a $15 minimum wage shows they are either willfully ignorant of the side effects or didn’t really care because the whole thing was just a ploy to make them feel like they were “doing something” to help the poor and oppressed. Too bad their help had just the opposite effect.


The Democrat-majority New Hampshire Legislature has put forth a list of gun control legislation that, as far as I can tell, does nothing but strip law abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights. This in a state with very low crime rate and constitutional carry.

They are trying to fix problems that don’t exist all in an effort to make themselves feel safe. But the proposed legislation will have just the opposite effect. While they may feel safer, the truth is that they will be less safe. This is particularly true for one law that will allow local school boards to ban possession of firearms on school grounds. It allows them to create so-called Gun Free Zones. Not that such designations have ever stopped anyone who ignores such laws (like criminals) from carrying guns in those zones. There are enough examples of just how much Gun Free Zones haven’t prevented anyone from entering them with their guns and shooting/killing people.


Speaking of second Amendment Rights, it appears that a number of county sheriffs in New Mexico have already taken a stand in regards to a number of restrictive gun laws making their way through the state legislature. They plan to support becoming “sanctuary counties”, counties that will not enforce any state gun laws that are seen as violating the US Constitution’s Second Amendment.

This follows actions taken by counties in other states like Washington to provide sanctuary from state laws severely restricting the rights of citizens to bear arms.


I have watched the feminist movement in the US since the late 1960’s and seen it devolve from an equal rights movement to a “We demand superior rights to those of those misogynist men because we’re helpless and need protection from the patriarchy even though we can do everything they can do” movement that has no grounding in reality.

Here’s a single photo that will show the difference between feminists here and in other countries:


It has come to this in the Progressive World:

Comrade Vlad Linen has had to denounce new California Governor Gavin Newsom’s decision to cancel the $100 billion High Speed Train To Nowhere, which has upset AOC’s plans for her Green New Deal.

Ocasio-Cortez has said these would make air travel obsolete, which means she has a solution to take us to Hawaii and all the continents. Probably even the moon and Mars by way of train! Does anyone realize the harm to the climate that happens when people use a rocket to go to the moon?? So, naturally a high speed rail network to everywhere in the solar system would be the better option.

Commissar Newsom will now have to go the way of Debbie Whatshername-Schultz. Yes, still with a political position, but a non-person who will go nowhere nonetheless.

The Leftist autophagy continues!


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where winter is safely ensconced, winter activities abound, and where we have more snow on the way.