Are Some Cultures Superior?

David P. Goldman asks the totally politically incorrect (but necessary) question: Are some cultures superior?

My totally politically incorrect answer: Yes.

But a better question that should be asked and answered again and again: Are all cultures equal?

The answer (not just my answer): Absolutely not.

Some cultures, including some in present day, were/are absolutely effin' evil. They flourished briefly, then die away because they were not sustainable. (Cultures that act more like death cults always destroy themselves in the end.)

This also beggars the question: Is cultural appropriation wrong?

No. Without cultural appropriation, cultures stagnate and whither away. But it seems that many of our college youth seem to think that cultural balkanization is desirable or even possible. The seem to forget that the very culture they live in has become what it is through cultural appropriation. It is by taking the best of each culture into our own that makes ours dynamic and ever changing. Remove that and our culture too will whither away and die. (It seems that's what many of those college nihilist want. Woe be unto them if they ever achieve their dream because they'll find that out it isn't all it's cracked up to be. In fact, I have no doubt that many of them would then pine away for “the good old days”.)

In any case, read Mr. Goldman's screed as well as the comments because you'll find a number of interesting things to ponder.