Thoughts On A Sunday

It was a fifty-fifty weekend here at Lake Winnipesaukee, with Saturday being rainy by way of showers and thundershowers all throughout the day, and Sunday being sunny and cooler than the previous four days.

Not that I'm complaining, but the rains on Saturday did interfere with a number of chores I'd hoped to finish.


The idea of “green energy” sounds great...until you see what the real cost is, and I'm not talking about money.

Then again it is a Third World problem, one the Greens can safely ignore because it isn't affecting them or their children.

Can you say “hypocrisy”? Sure you can.


It wasn't if as I didn't see this coming.

The vote on unionizing Nissan workers at their Canton, Mississippi plant failed by a 2-1 margin.

All the usual bromides were rolled out by union supporters, including the old “Right To Work For Less” claim. Of course they usually choose to ignore the number of union plants (and jobs) that disappeared when it became too expensive to keep them because of the high costs imposed by the union wages and other compensations. A recent example was when Hostess shuttered their plants and laid off all of their workers because the union refused to reduce their pay increase and benefits demands. While the union 'beat' Hostess by not 'knuckling under', it was a Pyrrhic victory because their rank and file lost because now they had no pay and no benefits.

As a former union member (IBEW), I can say the Nissan workers dodged a bullet. I put up with 20 years of union BS, union support for political candidates I found to be abhorrent because they supported everything I was against, and a pretty crappy attitude towards hard work.


They're surprised at this news?

Half of the candidates running for mayor of Detroit are convicted felons.

I thought it was a requirement!


A lot of politicians in New Hampshire are upset that President Trump called our beloved Granite State a “drug-infested den”. Our Congressional delegation (Democrats all) and our Governor (Republican...sort of) blasted the president for that slam.

But here's my problem with their reactions: That's not the way to respond to someone who's telling you the truth.

It's a harsh truth, but it's the truth. We have a major drug problem here in our little rural state, one that has exploded seemingly overnight and led to hundreds of overdose deaths and thousands drug overdose calls made by EMS personnel. And with the more power opioids flooding the illicit drug market, the amount of Narcan needed to revive many of these OD patients has gone up as much as ten times, meaning ten times the amount of Narcan is required to overcome the effects of the overdose.

No amount of bleating or pearl-clutching is going to change the fact that New Hampshire has a major drug problem of a kind we've never seen before. Ignoring it or trying to downplay it doesn't change the fact that my home state is a drug-infested den.


Has John Hawkins gone too far in calling liberals “hateful people”?

Most liberals are hateful people. As hateful as Nazis. As hateful as KKK members. As hateful as Fred Phelps and his God hates f@gs wackos, who are, come to think of it, Democrats. Liberals are as much defined by whom they hate as what they believe in.

They hate straight, white males and non-liberal white people in general. They hate Christians. They hate Republicans in general and conservatives in particular. They hate women who don’t toe the feminist line. They hate the wealthy, business owners, bankers and stockbrokers. They hate southerners, gun owners, soldiers and cops. They hate gay Americans and minorities who don’t want liberal help.

If anything, he's understated the case. Of course I am not sure he is referring to classical liberals, but to those that have taken on that mantle, 'those' being the oh-so-enlightened Progressives. In any case, no one should want liberal help because it always entails losing a piece of yourself – mostly self-respect – in order to be allowed to receive their help. That kind of help is in no one's best interests.

In any case, Read The Whole Thing.


Hey, NC State! The 50's called. They want their segregation back!

Yes, there are university administrators that stupid.


Talk about cognitive dissonance!

This is a perfect example from California.


Since it is the 72nd anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, it seems fitting to address Liberal historical revisionism.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer continues, preparations on The Manse have commenced, and where Monday is once again getting in the way of an extended weekend.