Victims Of Mortgage Fraud Still Waiting For Justice

If you thought the fallout from the housing bubble was over, you'd be wrong.

It appears a lot of home-owners (and former home-owners) are still fighting against the foreclosure fraud that saw a lot of homes being foreclosed on by financial institutions that didn't hold any of the supposedly delinquent mortgages, or worse foreclosed on homes that had no mortgages or equity loans against them. This was also known as the 'Robo-signing' fraud.

What makes this worse?

The federal government abandoned them, washing their hands of the entire affair and condemning untold thousands of home-owners with no home, no redress, and empty bank accounts.

They seek answers that I mostly don’t have and support I mostly cannot provide. Outside of referring them to legal aid, I cannot solve their foreclosure problems. I cannot convince a judge disinclined to rule in their favor, or a bank disinclined to see them as anything but a financial asset to be plucked, to change their minds. I can only note in sorrow that the massive netting of fraud laid by the mortgage industry over a decade ago continues to capture people like them.

It’s impossible to expend the time and resources necessary to verify these and the hundreds of other stories I get daily. I can’t even get through all the names of these victims. But I can paint a picture of the type of people who write them, which is nothing like the one the industry frames, a tale of deadbeats and losers who miss mortgage payments and try to scam banks into acquiring a free house.

Fraud, forgery, false filings, 'missing' paperwork, and the infamous robo-signing of foreclosure paperwork on homes that are not in default, and not one bank or financial officer has gone to prison. It is theft writ large and the judges and courts are letting them get away with it. It also means that if they got away with it once they'll do it again.

And the government (and the banks) wonder why nobody trusts them.