Thoughts On A Sunday - Monday Edition

It was a busy weekend here in The Lakes Region, between my home town's Old Home Day 9on Saturday (an all day affair that ends with fireworks), shopping for a new Official Weekend Pundit Refrigerator, and attending the Brian Wilson concert at the Meadowbrook Farm concert venue on Sunday evening.

All in all a very busy weekend, hence a somewhat shorter version of TOAS.


Why is it that this doesn't surprise me...or anyone else?

Just 29% of U.S voters think Hillary Clinton is “Honest”.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Here it is, 24 years since Bill Clinton's first run for the White House and the theme for this oen should be the same as it was back then: It's the economy, stupid!

This is something that should be at the forefront of the campaign, particularly Trump's campaign.

Once again, what Americans care about foremost are bread and butter issues. How is the health of the economy affecting themselves and those they know. What’s their pay look like. Does their company sound safe? What’s their cost of living. Everything else, no matter how important it seems at the time (seriously, while the Colin Kaepernick sitting during the national anthem seems huge, does it matter, or is it just a distraction?). This is what people want to know about.

Instead of making those appeals to minority voters (note: he still hasn’t made an appeal to Conservatives specifically yet), he should talk about the economics that affect them, and everyone. In all fairness, his recent speech about the state of blacks did touch on a lot of the bad economic numbers that plague black communities. Obviously, that wasn’t covered by the oh-so-neutral media. Trump should give speeches that do not include Other Things, distraction things, talking about himself things, that allow the media to focus on things other than the economy.

In the end it's always about the economy, good or bad.


There are some bad ideas the Left never seems to let go of, and this one is one of them – Bringing back the 55MPH maximum speed limit.

It didn't do what they claimed it did the first time back in the Bad Old Days of the 70's and it won't do what they're claiming it will this time either. While this time it's aimed and trucks and buses, they are applying a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, just as it didn't the last time the NMSL was imposed upon us through the efforts of the Safety Nazis and the Anti-Destination League.

The old NMSL was one of the most universally hated and ignored laws since Prohibition. What makes them think it will be any different this time?


This will certainly be cool if they can make it manufacturable at a reasonable cost.

New smart phone batteries with twice the battery life will be available next year.

More than one commenter stated the likely outcome of these kind of batteries will be smaller, thinner phones with the same crappy battery life rather than phones the same size as the ones we have now with twice the battery life.

Of the two, I think the first will be as common as the second, with those of us who value extended battery life will go for the latter, and those who use their smart phones more like a fashion statement will value the former.


Sometimes those in the know get their predictions right. Sometimes they get them wrong. And some times they get them so wrong they're comical.

So it is with these worst predictions about the Internet made 25 years ago.


And that's the abbreviated and delayed news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summer weather remains, the kids will start school in a couple of days, and where there's still plenty of boating weather remaining.