Koch Brothers? What About Soros?

Everyone on the Left keeps trying to make the Koch Brothers the 'big money' bad guys even though they are pipsqueaks compared to the cash doled out by guys like Warren Buffet, Tom Steyer, and George Soros. Because they don't give money to the 'correct” candidates and don't support giving more power to the government, the political class, and the elite, they are painted as being nothing more than businessmen trying to buy elections and subverting candidates.

But you never ever hear about the millions being spent by some of the worst the corporate bag men and corrupters around. The worst by far – George Soros.

The Left forgives his slush money and bought and paid for lobbyists and politicians because he supports all the 'correct' causes, including those that would see more Americans enslaved to the State, one that has no use for freedom of any kind for anyone not one of the elite.

What proof of this is there?

Hacked documents from George Soros' own archives.

The worst of it? Pressure on the US Supreme Court in regards to opening the immigration floodgates, trying to buy European elections, anti-Israel initiatives that would help destroy the one truly free nation in the Middle East, funding the Black Lives Matter movement, and spending $200,000 on a smear campaign against conservative activists, for starters.

But what do we hear from the usual suspects in the MSM?

Nothing but the sound of crickets.