What Stinks Most?

The other night I was thinking just how effed up this presidential campaign season has been and we haven't even reached the party conventions yet.

Both presumptive nominees are people I wouldn't trust with my money, let alone controlling the government machinery that has increasingly been the cause of our many problems rather than the solution. This election will become more of a contest about who we hate least. (I still think we need to institute a 'None of the Above' option on ballots.) This is no way to elect the leader of a once great nation.

One has to wonder what stinks the most -the candidates, the media, or the office?

While many believe it's the media (and they'd be right), all three each share the blame.

We have a presidency that is too powerful, ignoring the will of the people and their representatives – Congress – and trying to pretend the judicial branch doesn't exist at all. It all goes back to FDR and his actions that made the presidency an increasingly incompetent imperial office rather than an a smaller and more effective managerial one.

The media has been acting as a house organ to the Democrat Party, willing to ignore behaviors and scandals involving Democrats, but tearing into Republicans who are guilty of the same behaviors. As Glenn Reynolds has stated on more than one occasion, the MSM are merely political operatives of the DNC with bylines. As such, they have become increasingly irrelevant because no one is paying much attention to them anymore except to call them out as the pseudo-news organizations they have become. When the National Enquirer has become one of the better investigative news operations in the nation, you know the MSM has become a decadent shadow of its former self.

This election year is starting to resemble something like that old Chinese curse - “May you live in interesting times.” It's going to be a long year.