Some Reactions To Brexit Vote

Now that the Brexit vote is part of history, watching the reaction from the Usual SuspectsTM has been both amusing and disturbing at the same time.

That the stock markets around the world reacted as they did, with almost every stock index down and the Pound Sterling dropping to $1.35 from ~$1.80, was not a surprise to anyone. It was an expected reaction, though maybe not to the extent that it happened. Stock prices didn't go into free fall and the pound didn't collapse.

But to hear the reaction of some of those who were opposed to Brexit, one would think it was Armageddon. British Prime Minister Cameron stated it was “self-inflicted” damage to the British economy. Better that they keep their increasingly restricted and regulated-to-death economy in exchange for their freedom? That's never a good deal. Better some economic pain now in exchange for greater freedom and economic gain later.

One not entirely unexpected response to the Brexit vote: the Remain group wants a do-over. They have demanded another vote as quickly as possible because either they don't want to believe anyone would actually want to leave the totalitarian state the EU is becoming, or they plan to keep calling for vote after vote until they get their way. So far they supposedly have 2 million signatures (so far I haven't been able to confirm the numbers) on a petition calling for a re-vote. I bet if they had won and the Leave group wanted a re-vote they would give the same answer they've received: No. Just because they lost and lost by a respectable margin doesn't give them any special right to a do-over.

It's going be an interesting time over the next few years, particularly if other EU nations like the Netherlands, Italy, and France go forward with their version of Brexit, something those nations have said might happen. I guess they aren't all that happy with how the unelected EU leaders have been stripping away one right at a time while at the same time imposing more restrictive and expensive regulations and requirements on businesses across Europe.

That David Cameron, the soon to be ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has said, Brexit could lead to World War III, but it will be the libertarian minded people of Europe who will fight against the superstate socialists of the EU in a revolution not seen since the late 1700's.

Want a somewhat more visceral response from someone who supported leaving the EU? Here you go: