It's Time For The Brexit Vote

As I write this, one of the most important votes in Great Britain's history is but hours away from starting. As you read this the polls across Britain are open and the people are casting their ballots to decide its fate: to stay within the EU or to exit it and save British sovereignty.

The British exit from the EU, so-called “Brexit”, has been one of the most debated issues in the UK and the EU, as well as in the US and Canada.

Why is it happening?

The British people have had enough of unelected bureaucrats telling them what they can and cannot do, treat them as if they had no voice in what was happening in their own country, being pushed to accept immigrants they know will never assimilate and will likely try to force a religion and legal system upon them that is anathema to their history and beliefs, all while being forced to fork over billions of pounds to support a social welfare system that doesn't work.

While many pro-EU Brits have pushed to keep the UK in the EU, citing all kinds of dire consequences that could happen should UK citizens decide to leave the EU – economic collapse, social; backlash, or maybe even World War III – just as many anti-EU Brits see little downside to abandoning the hegemony of the EU. It isn't likely that trade will suffer other than temporarily because the EU receives almost a third of its goods from the UK. If it comes to it, the UK could forge new trade partnerships with the Anglosphere (Australia, Canada, the US, New Zealand, etc) that would more than make up for any loss of trade with the EU. Were trade and customs barriers lowered or even eliminated amongst the Anglosphere, kind of like a super-NAFTA agreement, the UK and the rest of those nations could benefit greatly.

Of course there are a lot of people outside of the EU that have done their best to head off Brexit, including The Won. He warned the British there could be dire consequences for Anglo-American relations. It's not as if the relationship with our cousins could get much worse after all the damage Obama has already inflicted upon them. In fact, it might have even spurred more of them to vote for Brexit as they want to distance themselves from that clueless narcissist with delusions of adequacy.

Frankly, the best thing our British cousins could do for themselves is to get the hell out of the EU before it's too late.