Thoughts On A Sunday

Here it is, the last Thoughts On A Sunday for 2015, and it seems the year has passed by so quickly. I always have to wonder whether the perceived passage of time is due to age, meaning that as we get older a year doesn't seem nearly as long as they used to because we've experienced so many of them.

To kids, a day can seem like a week and a week can seem like forever. I know when I was a kid summer vacation seemed to last a really long time even though it was really just about 8 weeks in length. Today it passes in a blink of an eye and then we're back into fall. Call it all a matter of perspective.


Gee, if human-caused global warming is real, then how do you explain the data that shows both the number of warm winter days (those over 60ºF) and hot summer days (those over 95ºF) measured at all US HCN weather stations have been declining since the 1930's?

Like some others, I figure NOAA or NASA or someone will 'adjust' the data to show that the number has been increasing rather than decreasing in order to fit the narrative.

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Feminists complain about the so-called “rape culture” here in the US, but they ignore the real rape culture that exists amongst Islamic 'immigrants'. This is something Sweden found out the hard way and Germany is experiencing now now that they've allowed thousands of 'refugees', mostly young men, into their country.

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“Male feminist”? Isn't that a contradiction in terms?

No matter. They get no respect...nor should they.


David Starr offers this advice top the presidential poll watchers – The only polls that count right now are those for Iowa and New Hampshire.

Writes David:

...after New Hampshire and Iowa everything will change.  Losers will be gone, and their loser's voters will go somewhere else, where, no body can tell.

Both Iowa and New Hampshire tend to clear out those who can't garner support no matter what they do. It helps that such candidates didn't have to spend a ton of money they don't have to campaign here. All such politicking is retail, meaning they have to go out and actually meet the voters. No amount of campaign ad buys will win them either Iowa or New Hampshire.

For those who come in a close second and/or third, it can kick their campaigns into high gear.


I don't know how the Socialists are going to spin this, but I have no doubt they'll give it a try: Capitalism is Killing Absolute Poverty.

The Socialists always make noise about “greedy capitalists”, but they totally ignore the “greedy cronyism” that is so ingrained in socialism. Another issue with Socialists is their greed when it comes to other people's money along with making sure they keep all of their own.


Thomas Sowell tears into the 200+ years of the Left's attempts at central planning and control of economies and shows that it never delivers what's promised. It doesn't even come close.

If the preconceptions of the Left were correct, central planning by educated elites who had vast amounts of statistical data at their fingertips and expertise readily available, and were backed by the power of government, should have been more successful than market economies where millions of individuals pursued their own individual interests willy-nilly.

But, by the end of the 20th century, even socialist and communist governments began abandoning central planning and allowing more market competition. Yet this quiet capitulation to inescapable realities did not end the noisy claims of the Left.

All one needs to do to get a modern example of just how badly planned economies fail is to look south to Venezuela to see just how bad a job the Chavez socialists did, turning a vibrant national economy into a poverty-stricken basket case.


At least there's some good news in regards to nuclear power in the US, that being the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is revising its rules to allow nuclear power plants to operate for 80 years.

Commercial nuclear power plants in the USA are initially licensed to operate for 40 years, a time period reflecting amortization of capital rather than the design life of a reactor. Regulations allow the NRC to extend licenses for additional 20-year periods provided the reactor is deemed safe to continue operating.

A number of nuke plants were closed prematurely, one being the Vermont Yankee plant. There were some reliability issues with the outside cooling systems, but ones that could have been fixed with a new system. But the anti-nuclear movement pushed hard in Vermont, inducing the state to withdraw permission for the plant to operate any longer despite an extended operating license from the NRC.


Those who protest Western culture here in the US must have a suicidal bent. That's all I can come up with for a reason why so many know-nothings have come to believe Western culture is more evil and corrupt than any other.

I have to wonder how many of those protesters have actually had to live under the rule of non-Western cultures, particularly harsh totalitarian/theological cultures where none of the freedoms and rights that exist because of Western culture exist.

I have a feeling many of them would find themselves missing the much-hated Western culture and the rights and freedoms that go with it were they to fins themselves in places like Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, North Korea, and other cultures that eschew our culture.


Doug Ross offers us the 10 Dumbest Political Cartoons of 2015.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where warm temps have lingered, cold temps are coming, and where the snow may fly this coming week.