COP21 Misleads

I was watching Saturday's World News on ABC when the weekend anchor crowed about the 'agreement' reached in Paris at the COP21 meeting. That the newsies at ABC fervently believe the non-binding agreement will in some fashion have any effect on climate is no surprise. They take anything from the Left, particularly the watermelon warmists, as gospel.

But in the end the agreements do nothing. It is no different from the Kyoto Protocols signed by President Clinton, which the US Senate refused to ratify by a margin of 95-0. The US ignored Kyoto...and reduced its air emissions and CO2 emissions more than any country that was a signatory. And it did it all without crippling its economy, something Kyoto would have required.

The COP21 agreement isn't any different, replacing relatively inexpensive and plentiful energy sources with those that are expensive, unreliable, and subsidized to ridiculous levels because they aren't otherwise viable. At least China and India aren't buying into this pseudo-green crap. Neither should any of the other developing nations because all any of this will do is hold them back. Some of them are expecting big bucks from the West to help offset the costs of renewables. Too bad most of it will go into the pockets of those in power and the people will, as usual, get screwed.

What makes this even sadder is that these folks actually buy into the fable of AGW even though data over the past 18 years or so show the doomsday predictions made many of the so-called climate 'scientists' have failed to materialize. Others are using the AGW doomsday scenario as a means to gain power, both economic and political, and the climate be damned.

Now that COP21 is done, all of the dignitaries, AGW faithful, and their hangers on can get back into their private jets and fly home while generating more CO2 than many families will in two years.

It's all “Do as I say, not as I do” with these people.

To quote Glenn Reynolds, “I'll start believing it's a crisis when the people telling me it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis.” I haven't seen that to this point and I doubt very much I ever will.