The Democrats Still Get It Wrong

I made the effort to watch portions of the Democrat debate tonight, hoping to hear some ideas or plans that might actually work. Too bad my effort (and time) was wasted. All I heard from the three candidates were the same stale, unworkable, discredited ideas that have been tried again and again without success.

The most telling moment for me was the answers given to the question about higher education.

Bernie Sanders' answer proved to me he hasn't an effin' clue about the actual costs of 'free' college nor who will actually be paying for it all. Then again, socialists rarely give any deep thought about the matter. Hillary's answer wasn't any better because all she wanted to do was spend even more taxpayers' money and a higher education system that was broken by “even more taxpayers' money” being out there that drove up costs and decreased both the quality and value of higher education.

After that I couldn't watch any more.