Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been a wet and rainy weekend which has precluded any work outside around The Manse. That doesn't mean there haven't been numerous chores needing doing inside, so I've been getting to them.

One of those chores was something I thought was going to be a quick job but ended up taking a couple of hours, that being replacing the flapper valve and fill mechanism in one of our toilets. The existing 'flapper' valve (it wasn't a traditional valve setup) hadn't been working correctly for some time, sticking to the gasket and making it very difficult to flush. More than one handle broke because of the force required to activate it. I had tried all kinds of things, including dressing the gasket so the valve wouldn't stick. More often than not it required removing the top of the tank and pulling up on the valve by hand.

After months of working around it Deb demanded I fix it, so a quick trip to the local hardware store and less than $20 later I had the new innards in hand. I figured half an hour and I'd be done.

Yeah, right.

A little over two hours later and I finally had it done. The hang up was the getting all the water out of the tank and then removal of the tank from the bowl, which meant getting the three bolts securing it to the bowl loose. Removing the old innards also took a lot more time that it should have as the large nuts securing them in place were not cooperating. But once I got them off, the rest of the job took all of 10 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes or so to adjust the mechanism so it would fill the tank to the appropriate level.

Now that the recalcitrant toilet works as it was meant to, all is right with the world...or at least with Deb!


As if we didn't already know this.

Elizabeth Warren, aka Fauxcahonta$, slams the One-Percent after having made millions by milking the very system she condemns.

Have you noticed how the most vocal anti-capitalists are some of the wealthiest people around? It seems that once they've got theirs they want to lock everyone else out. Call it the drawbridge mentality.

It just goes to show what hypocrites these limousine leftists really are. (“I got mine buddy, so screw you!”)

(H/T Instapundit)


You know it's getting bad in California when environmental activists (with emphasis on 'mental') in Burbank want to kill an Ikea store because it isn't 'green' enough to suit them. This is despite the fact that the 470,000 square foot building will employ solar panels to generate most of the electricity it will use and other energy saving methods and technology. I bet that place will be more eco-friendly than the homes or businesses of those who are suing to keep Ikea out of Burbank.

The watermelons strike again.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Bogie rags on the People's Republic of Taxachusetts and the horrid website for their unemployment department, stating it's far worse than New Hampshire's....back in 2004!

When I submit paperwork, I expect it to be submitted; I don't expect it to sit there and do nothing - every time regardless of which browser I use. When you tell me to submit online, I don't expect to have to mail it because it won't submit. And, I expect if it doesn't submit, to let me know that it didn't work.

I expect it to take URL's when asked for a URL - and not have it complain that I didn't put in a valid email address. And, when I put in an email address (because it complained about the URL and specifically said it was looking for an email address), it still complains and I have to back out and redo the entire thing to MAYBE get it to go thru (sic).

The programmers, project managers, and debuggers should be fired for making such a poor product and allowing that poor product to be released for public use when it does not do what it is supposedly designed to do. MA citizens, and those that work in MA - this is your tax dollars supporting very poor work!

If Massachusetts can't even handle a website for unemployment benefits, something that is relatively uncomplicated, then how can we expect them to handle something far more complicated like health insurance, i.e. ObamaCare?


The Other McCain dishes on Radical Feminism's war against nature.

If women let feminists speak for them, they must believe that the pinnacle of women’s rights is legalized abortion, all heterosexual intercourse is rape, and lesbianism is the only possible escape from male oppression. Insofar as feminist ideology has prevailed, the effect of its influence has been to send its disciples hurtling toward extinction by encouraging them to view the normal means of procreation with horror, as a cruel device of the patriarchy.

Oh, that's a winning strategy for lunatic fringe division of feminism! As one commenter on the Twitchy feed linked in the quote above puts it, “The good news is that this particular brand of insanity automatically removes itself from the gene pool.”



And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where we're waiting for the warmer (and drier) weather to return, things are starting to green up, and where boats have already started making an appearance on the lake.