Another Example Of Perpetually Offended People Being Perpetually Offended And Ruining It For Everyone Else

Let’s hear a well-deserved raspberry for yet another small group of the perpetually offended!

First it was a bunch of spoiled 0.01% wannabes occupying Dartmouth College’s admin offices and giving the president of the college a list of 72 laughable demands. Now it’s a very small group of students – meaning 'one' student - offended by a fund-raiser sponsored by a fraternity and sorority called “Phiesta” (a play on words as both houses have the Greek letter “Phi” in their names).

This perpetually offended student managed to get the fundraiser (for a children’s charity, no less) canceled by the Dartmouth College administration.

I have some advice for all of the perpetually offended students at that once august institution of higher learning: “Suck it up, you racist/sexist/leftist pussies!”

They will find that in the real world no one is going to care about their oversensitivity to issues that don’t matter worth a damn to anyone except them. I will not strive to not offend them because, quite frankly, they have no right to not be offended. Goodness knows they have no problem offending anyone outside their inner circle, as if their perceived right to not be offended only works in one direction.

I have no problem with going out of my way to offend their oh-so-fragile sensibilities, to show them that with few exceptions (the Dartmouth administration being one of them), no one gives a s**t about how the feel about such trivial crap. The rest of us have more important things to deal with.

Getting back to the “Phiesta” flap, does it mean that they’re also going to go after Ford Motor Company because of the Ford Fiesta? Will they start picketing Mexican restaurants that may not be owned by people of Mexican descent? How far will they carry this stupidity?

I have a suggestion for the fraternities and sororities of Dartmouth College: File a Title IX lawsuit against the college, stating you believe the college (and the group of perpetually offended students), are discriminating against you on the basis of sex and race and preventing you from exercising your First Amendment rights. As the saying goes, “Punch back twice as hard.” Make them live up to their own rules. Make them defend the indefensible. Make them look like the politically correct “useful idiots” they are.

Note: Just before I was going to post this, I came across Roger Kimball's take on the matter. He wasn't quite as profane about it as I was.