We're DOOMED!!!...Again

It’s Snowmageddon...again.

To watch the morning news you’d think no one had ever experienced snow, ice, and cold during the winter, even down South.

Once again the media are taking something that occurs during most winters – well maybe not quite so much in the South – and tries to turn it into a full blown media event with neato computer graphics, the obligatory ominous sounding Storm Center music, and reporters out in the field to show that, yes indeed, it is snowing.

I can see setting aside maybe 5 minutes of air time to cover this kind of weather, and then getting back to the more important happenings around the world. But to spend hour after hour covering a normal winter weather event just makes it boring. After watching GMA for 5 minutes this morning I had to shut it off because the weather seemed to be the only story they were interested in covering.

If I want continuous coverage of the weather I can always watch The Weather Channel.