Oh No! It's Snowing! In Winter! Again!!

We've had yet another bit of snow here in New Hampshire, with the meteorologists having predicted between 4 and 7 inches of snow for this part of the state.

We got 12 inches.

I'm not complaining. Not really. At least this time people took the forecast seriously and drivers were more careful. The bad road conditions and poor visibility really kept traffic to a minimum, unlike last week where drivers were doing really dumb stuff.

My usual 15 minute trip home took closer to half an hour, with one small hitch during my trip: a hill about a mile from the turnoff into my road. If people take the hill too slow, or worse, stop part way up, they won't have the traction to make it all the way to the top. That happened today and it seems only those of us with 4-wheel drive made it up the hill with little problem. The rest either had to turn around or back down the hill enough to get a running start for another attempt. It held me up for about 5 minutes. Not bad, considering the road conditions.

Of course this snow couldn't have happened at a better time as most of the Massachusetts schools are out for February vacation, with a lot of families spending their time up here skiing.