Two Examples Of Leftist Mentality

I had planned to post more about Internet access and net neutrality, but two pressing matters induced me to delay that post.

What could possibly be more important than that?

Leftist stupidity.

The first deals with self-avowed communist Mayor Bill de Blasio and his decision to shut down New York City's charter schools. Never mind that most of them serve poor minority students and that they have succeeded where he rest of the city's schools have failed miserably. Never mind that parents are all in favor of the charter schools because for once there's a glimmer of hope that their kids will be able to break the cycle of poor education and poverty.

De Blasio isn't having any of it, particularly because the teachers union is against it big time. The charter schools are non-union and they can fire incompetent teachers, something that is all but impossible in the 'normal' NYC Public School system. After all, they can't have their built-in constituency getting educated and becoming 'uppity', forgetting their places within the leftist social order.

The second is a twofer, with a major MSNBC #FAIL, that being their choice to ignore the Russian incursion into the Crimean portion of Ukraine in favor of exploring the incipient racism in regards to the Oscars with Jamilah King. I'm sorry, but which story is more important?

The second part of the twofer is a reminder by a number of people about that “dunce of a woman”, Sarah Palin, when she warned way back in 2008 that if Obama won it was likely Putin would find some excuse to invade Ukraine.

It's amazing the howls of laughter from the Left when 'idiot' Sarah made a number of predictions about both domestic and foreign policy issues. But now those who considered her an idiot are conspicuously silent now that her predictions have proven to be accurate. Who are the idiots now?