Sarah Palin Was Right

It turns out Sarah Palin was right.

She had slammed ObamaCare, telling everyone that the review panels would be nothing more than “death panels”, deciding who lives and who dies. She was derided as being paranoid and delusional in her assessment.

Then comes along ex-New York Times editor Bill Keller who thinks 37-year-old Stage 4 cancer patient Lisa Adams should give up her fight and die. His wife Emma feels uncomfortable that Adams is tweeting about her fight against breast cancer because she sees the tweets as “deathbed selfies.”

In so many words, Keller just can't bring himself to understand why Adams doesn't give up her fight and die. In his mind, her death is inevitable and all she's doing is spending a lot of money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Who the hell is he to tell anyone she should just get it over with and die? It doesn’t matter what the experiences he’s had with terminal cancer, specifically that of his father-in-law. It’s not his decision whether Amy lives or dies…but apparently he thinks it should be because she “is spending a lot of money that could be better spent elsewhere.” Call it the first step down a slippery slope. What could possibly drive Heller’s opinion?

This all seems to stem from the left's horrific view of humans as a biological accident, and life as nothing more than utilitarian, as opposed to something sacred.

The Kellers are engaging in life-shaming, which like fat-shaming, is an excuse to tell someone else what to do while couching it in a "greater good" argument. To hell with personal freedom, let's force people to be healthy because obesity costs our beloved State money.  And now this brave woman, who is understandably desperate to see her children grow up, and who believes sharing her story will help others, is being life-shamed on the pages of the Guardian and New York Times because the Kellers are made uncomfortable by the idea of someone making the personal choice to stay alive for every possible day and minute she can.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s the first step in a slippery slope. How long before the Kellers or their leftist brethren start positing about “life unworthy of life” and pushing solutions that have not been implemented since the mid-1930’s? If those selfishly clinging to life aren’t willing to voluntarily pull the plug, how long will it be before the decision is made by one of our “betters” that such a person should be put out of ‘our’ misery, all in the name of the “greater good”? The bureaucratic instruments to make those decisions possible are already in place via ObamaCare. After all, ObamaCare has been a means of the government taking over the health care industry, creating artificial shortages of health care professionals and then rationing the heck out of what’s left, just as was done in the UK when they implemented their National Health Service.

In Britain’s NHS, some decisions are made not by the patients or the physicians, but by government bureaucrats with little or no medical knowledge or experience. The same will be true in the US assuming we don’t finally kill off ObamaCare, but I digress.

From mere observation we know that the Left loves humanity but hates humans. What else explains their deep-seated need to take control of other people's lives? That has certainly been made evident as ObamaCare started being implemented. Could it be that they are really nothing more than Soylent Green liberals?

The left’s mask of compassion slipped late last year as they attempted to dismiss millions losing their health insurance as an overall positive.

So in effect their serving us turd sandwiches while trying to convince us that they're really roast beef sandwiches and they're surprised when we call them on the deception. They really think the American people are that stupid and they get upset when we tell them we aren't buying their bulls**t. How...how...typical of them. They really don't get it that we don't want them to run our lives. Why would we? After all they're as screwed up as the rest of us, if not more so, and they are neither smart enough or wise enough to run anyone else's lives, let alone their own.