Light Blogging

As some of you may have noticed, blogging by yours truly has been light. This hasn't been due to lack of interest on my part. I've always got plenty to post about. But at times things like work and life intrude. That means blogging isn't as frequent as it otherwise might be.

In this case it's been work, with the usual beginning of the year scramble being extended due to new duties I've taken on, that being calibration of all of our optical equipment. While such calibration is nothing new to me, it's the amount of equipment that requires calibration that has drastically expanded. That means rather than a few days of calibration it will take all month to calibrate all of the equipment. It also means trying to get into work early and staying late, leaving little time to do anything other than work, eat, or sleep. Blogging has taken a back seat, meaning fewer posts since the first of the year.

As soon as all of the calibrations are done, regular blogging will resume. In the mean time my blogging will be lighter, at least during the week. However, weekend blogging will be as always. After all, this blog isn't called Weekend Pundit for nothing.