Another Democrat Applies The Double Standard

And the hits keep on coming.

It seems that no matter what Wendy Davis does to try to deflect and minimize the brouhaha about he callous remarks about and baseless accusations against her gubernatorial opponent, Greg Abbot, it merely makes matters worse for her. But she keeps doubling down, brashly applying the typical Democrat double standard by trying to make her private life “off limits” to the press and her opponent even though she kept talking about how hard she had it as a single mom. (Even that's a stretch as she didn't have a baby out of wedlock – the usual definition of single mom - but was divorced, her ex was paying child support, and she was going to school.)

She glosses over the fact that she merely used her second husband, having him pay for her attendance at Harvard Law School then divorcing him once he made the last payment on her school loans. (He had also cashed out his 401(k) to help pay for law school.) She didn't just shed herself of her husband, but of their daughter as well after he fought for and received sole custody. I guess being a mother was cutting into her career time, so rather than wasting time being a mom she 'dumped' her daughter and has devoted all of her time on her political career.

What a scumbag.