Yet Another Example Of Zero-Tolerance Idiocy

As the government shutdown continues, life goes on. (I am not going to go on about it ad nauseum as the MSM is doing such a good job of it.) So instead I am going to cover another topic near and dear to my heart: the stupidity of zero-tolerance policies in schools.

It appears that yet another school system, in this case a high school in Orange County, California (of course), decided that an NRA tee-shirt worn by sophomore Haley Bullwinkle “promoted gun violence”, leading her to be hauled into the Canyon High School principal's office. Looking at the shirt (seen in the video at the linked article), I find it hard to fathom how the clueless powers-that-be concluded the shirt would entice fellow students to commit violent crimes with guns. It looks pretty benign to me. But then I know guns do not get up all by themselves and start shooting randomly, something these politically correct incompetents do not seem to understand.

I have to admit that were I a friend of Haley's I would be tempted to wear a tee-shirt that stated (quite truthfully), “Guns don't kill people. I kill people” just to see these same PC idiots have vapors and swoon from the horror. It would serve them right.

This idiocy also makes it quite clear why need to help our children escape from our increasingly mediocre and less capable public...err...government schools.