John Adams Was Right

I find it ironic that the words of the Founders of the Republic have so often turned out to be relevant even two centuries later, yet so many today are ignorant of them and their import. Many of their thoughts about our nation, both good and bad, have stood the test of time. Then again, I believe it's likely they had a much better understanding of human nature than many of our putative leaders today. That would certainly explain why their words of wisdom still ring true today.

One of the Founders, John Adams, warned us of the actions of government that would lead to our nation's downfall. It's too bad that his warnings have been ignored by those in power and those under their sway.

Between the inequitable burden of taxes on some and not others, disincentives and libels against those who build businesses, “spreading the wealth” of those who earned it to those who had not, abolishment of debts owed by decree, and a demand for some kind of twisted egalitarian society, everything Adams warned us about has come to pass. And in doing so it has diminished us all and put our great nation on the path to destruction. What's worse is that those in power are either ignorant of the danger or fully cognizant of it and are doing their best to hasten it. And of the two, the former is the hardest to counter.