Playing The Race Card...Again

I knew that with all of the acrimony and accusations flying back and forth about ObamaCare that it was only a matter of time before someone on the Left used the race card. They didn't disappoint.

In this instance it was one of our local New Hampshire Leftists – a fellow who constantly proves by way of letters published in one of our local papers that he hasn't an effin' clue – who came right out and made the accusation that “we don't want to help people without insurance because of race.”

Why don't they [the GOP -ed.] want to help the citizens of our country is beyond me. One reason, I believe is, is that most of the people covered will be low income and people of color and we know from the treatment of our president the last four years how much they like people of color.

You see, the reason we don't prostrate ourselves before the Left's savior, Obama, is because we're racists. It couldn't possibly be because he's an incompetent empty suit unable of actually governing, unwilling to negotiate, and incapable of making a compromise.

My response to the deluded leftist's diatribe:

Over the past couple of decades I have come to realize that many people like you who use accusations of racism as a tool to dismiss dissent are quite often the actual racists. The racism is not blatant. Rather it is subtle and insidious, and colors your thinking in ways you may not realize. You do not see American minorities as being capable of doing the same things everyone else does without the guiding hand of guilt-ridden liberals such as yourself. And more often than not, that "guiding hand" does not help them, but instead holds them back. Call it yet another form of backhanded racism.
That is the worst form of racism because it is difficult to defend against. Not because there's a grain of truth to it (there isn't), but because this particular stripe of racism is practiced by those doing it “for the good of the downtrodden.” An outright racist can be confronted, ridiculed, and marginalized. But a stealth racist uses all of the appropriate words and tries to sound concerned, but in the end they end up trying to keep the “minorities” under their control by making it difficult for them to succeed without their help. More often than not that help is nothing more than a trap to keep them in their place. Who needs that kind of help? Of course if the downtrodden managed to pull themselves up out of poverty the Left would lose a good portion of their base, and they can't have that, can they?