It's All About Obama

I have to give the President some credit. He's been doing a great job blaming everyone else for the budget crisis of his making. Even his press secretary has gotten into the act, stating that the President won't compromise, or even negotiate with Congressional Republicans in order to avoid a government shutdown. How the hell does Obama expect to get anything done if he isn't willing to negotiate anything? It merely shows his narcissistic belief that he need not do anything except make demands upon people he sees as his inferiors. After all, it is only they who should be willing to compromise, right?

One would think that after 5 years in office Obama would understand how that nothing gets done in Washington with compromises here and there. Other than his one or two 'triumphs”, bought at a very heavy price in political capital, he has managed to do very little other than alienate Congress (including members of his own party), the Supreme Court, a majority of the American people, and some long standing allies of this country.

You know that somewhere, Jimmy Carter is celebrating because he is no longer the worst president of the modern era.