It Must Be Done

I have to admit that my frustration with many on the Left has been growing. Not that I am frustrated with their political beliefs so much as their total reliance on empathy politics, meaning much of their politics is driven by feelings rather than facts or logic. I've written about this before, so this frustration isn't something new. But I've had more than large dose of it lately as I've been responding to letters published in one of our local papers. It seems to me that many of the regular Leftists have abandoned all logic and facts and pull an increasing number of accusations against conservatives out of thin air (or worse, their nether regions).

They have made accusations that run between “right-wing nuts” want to repeal ObamaCare and allow millions to die in the streets to the existence of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to eliminate the right of millions to vote. The list of transgressions have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, with more than a few of the Leftist claims being backed up by 'facts' that no one can seem to find anywhere on the 'Net, the papers, or anyplace...other than their fervid imaginations.

I have confronted more than a few of these deluded “feelings not facts” folks in the pages of our local paper. But unlike them, I actually reference my sources and I rarely if ever use Fox News, Rush, Glenn, or any of the other “usual suspects” so denigrated by these deluded souls. More often than not I use the very same media outlets so favored by the Left.

I have gone so far as to actually call the North Carolina Secretary of State to confirm what is needed in order to obtain a valid state I.D., something required in order to vote in that state. I quoted it word for word in a letter I submitted that rebutted an over-the-top accusation made by one of the aforementioned deluded Leftists that North Carolina was making sure it was “difficult, if not impossible to obtain a state I.D.” I also found the same information on the Secretary of State's website.

Dealing with folks who will make stuff up in order to “prove” their point or apply twisted logic in order try to justify outrageous claims is tiresome, but it must be done. Otherwise the distortions, half-truths, and outright fabrications will become “The Truth” and the real truth will be buried.