It Turns Out Mitt Romney Was Right

Could it be that Mitt Romney was right about everything during his campaign in 2012? Looking back at his viewpoints and predictions during his campaign and during the various debates during the election season, it appears he was spouting more than campaign rhetoric.

From his widely mocked warnings about a hostile Russia to his adamant opposition to the increasingly unpopular implementation of Obamacare, the ex-candidate’s canon of campaign rhetoric now offers cause for vindication — and remorse — to Romney’s friends, supporters, and former advisers.

Between our 'falling out' with Russia, his concern about Islamic extremists attempting to take over Mali, and major problems with ObamaCare, just to name a few, it seems Romney was prescient and right on the mark. He was mocked for many of his concerns during the campaign but now those that mocked him are silent, or even worse, they are now turning on Obama for his mishandling of those issues and many more.

It couldn't happen to a more deserving Chicago politician.