Thoughts On A Sunday

We've had a respite from the wet weather with one full day of sun and low humidity to help things dry out. It's been wet enough that I haven't been able to to mow anything other than one flat patch of the lawn here at The Manse. The rest has been too wet or the soil underneath too saturated which makes for slippery footing on an already dangerous slope. If this keeps up I may have to resort ti using a machete to mow the lawn!


Cap'n Teach delves into the driving habits of others that annoy the crap out of him.

I have to agree with him on his choices and can add one or two of my own, including the motorist that will pretend like they're the next Mario Andretti, weaving and bobbing through traffic on the highway in order to get ahead of everyone else. What makes this even more annoying is that for all that effort they really don't make all that much progress but they sure as heck put a lot of other people at risk.

Another: the person behind you at a traffic light that lays on their horn the instant the light turns green, and I'm not talking about ofter the light has been on for a second or two. Once the red light turns off and the green has barely flickered to life the jerk behind you is on the horn.


Internet connectivity has been spotty all day here at The Manse. The cable company's customer service line has a recording telling us that there are service outages in the area and that “'service personnel' are working on the problem.”

What a pain.


After all the hype about Tropical Storm Dorian and the finger-pointing by the AGW crowd using it as 'proof' of global warming, it turns out that Dorian is a tropical storm in name only.

Remember when the AGW faithful kept warning us that hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes would become more numerous and much more powerful? Yet just the opposite has occurred, media reports to the contrary. It all comes down to belief and not actual proof.


Anyone who's been paying attention already knows this: ObamaCare will raise health insurance premiums..a lot.

What makes the so-called Affordable Care Act even more of a misnomer is that it won't be affordable and the “30 million Americans without health insurance” still won't be covered. So why was this foisted upon us?

Another 'unforeseen' factor affecting it is that the young, who were supposed to help pay for most of it, won't be. They won't buy insurance, particularly if they'll pay a ton of money for insurance and get little in the way of coverage for it.


A point that Glenn Reynolds brings up about race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson that explains quite a few things. For them it has to be 1963 forever otherwise they cease to be meaningful. They behave as if without them Jim Crow will be reinstated and that racism is as rampant as it was 50 years ago. What they fail to understand is that they have the very thing they protest against: racists. What's worse is that they practice racism against their own, saying one thing but working to keep their people down as it's the only way they can remain relevant.


And that's the very abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the humid weather has returned for a couple of days, Internet issues continue, and I could use a couple of more days off.